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UV GRP Pipeline Rehabilitation: Revolutionizing Infrastructure for 40 Years!

Did you know that the first commercially installed UV GRP liner took place at a campsite just south of the Artic Circle in Vilhelmina, Sweden way back in 1985?  Since its inception four decades ago, UV GRP (Ultra-Violet Glass-Reinforced Plastic) pipeline rehabilitation has been quietly transforming aging infrastructure around the world.

Developed in Europe by several manufacturers, this innovative technology was brought to the USA in 2006 by the Reline Group under the name Reline America, who took the bold step of manufacturing it domestically, thus ensuring quality control and accessibility. Today, in its ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing facility in Saltville, Virginia, Reline America designs, manufactures, and supports all facets of the UV GRP rehabilitation process—liners, installation equipment systems, vehicles, training and 24/7 technical support.

Traditional CIPP, which came shortly before UV GRP is undeniably responsible for saving and extending the life of much of the world’s buried infrastructure. Learning from its remarkable success, developers of UV GRP incorporated its principles and took the process of Cured In Place Pipe to less disruptive, more environmentally sensitive and energy saving levels. All the steps and equipment on a project site are nearly identical up to the point of pulling the liner into place, but this is when UV GRP became a game changer for this form of trenchless rehabilitation. Some of the advantages of this new method included a cleaner process, high strength – even with a thinner liner, no water needed, no high cost energy required to produce steam and shorter curing times.

Taking successful lining rehabilitation with UV GRP even further, Reline America introduced a cutting-edge quality tracking system, validating each project’s integrity and correct installation. This meticulous approach translates into peace of mind for customers, knowing their infrastructure is not just repaired, but fortified for years to come. How?

The innovative Quality Tracker System™, allows installation crews to monitor and track how the liner cures, a ground-breaking technology that puts Reline America a step ahead of other lining options in the market. This system allows installers to see how the liner is conforming to a pipe as it goes in, and to fix potential defects before the liner cures. The Quality Tracker System gathers critical information during the install/cure process, such as temperatures, speed and footage to help the operator ensure a quality cure and installation. The end result: A system that minimizes risk, reduces the possibilities of human error and maximizes the chances for a properly rehabilitated structure.

Despite its long history and all the obvious advantages, UV GRP remains an underutilized solution for many communities. Yet, its impact on infrastructure longevity and environmental sustainability cannot be overstated. By seamlessly rehabilitating pipelines without the need for excavation, UV GRP minimizes disruption to communities and reduces environmental impact.

In celebrating 40 years of UV GRP excellence, Reline America invites communities to embrace this proven technology. Together, let’s pave the way for a more resilient, sustainable future.

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