Utilicor Technologies Names New Distributor

Utilicor Technologies Inc. recently announced the appointment of SECOR as the distributor of its full line of truck and skid steer mounted rotary coring equipment and Utilibond-based reinstatement technology in the South-Central/Southwestern United States.

Headquartered in Houston, SECOR has regional offices serving Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama.

“We are very pleased to be able to add SECOR and their experienced staff of sales and service professionals to the Utilicor family, which will provide us with an experienced base of operations in the Southwest and South-Central United States that will enable us to continue to expand our business and meet the needs and expectations of our customers in this fast growing region,” said Marshall Pollock, president and CEO of Utilicor.

“Utilicor’s value-added, cutting-edge, keyhole coring and reinstatement technology perfectly complements our other high-quality product lines and services for the utility industry,” said Bill Scheele, president of SECOR. “We’ve been watching this segment of the marketplace develop over the past few years and are very pleased to be able to include the full line of Utilicor products in our offering to our utility customers here in the South and Southwest.”

Utilicor Technologies Inc. is a manufacturer of a unique rotary coring pavement excavation and restoration technology that cost-effectively cores through all kinds of paved surfaces to enable crews to vacuum excavate and view subsurface activity or repair underground plant from the road surface using long handled tools.

SECOR, which has just acquired Regent Tools, is a supplier of a variety of high-quality products, services and new technologies to the gas utility industry. SECOR currently represents such industry leaders as Mustang, McElroy Mfg., IPEX, Pipe Star, Mueller, Perfection, R.W. Lyall and other high-quality products and services.
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