TRUVAC has added Ditch Witch of the Rockies and Ditch Witch of Oklahoma to its dealer network bringing the total number of dealers providing TRUVAC vacuum excavators to more than 87 across North America.

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Manufactured by Vactor Mfg. Inc., a subsidiary of Federal Signal Corp., TRUVAC places a great deal of responsibility on their dealers, such as the need for superior support and parts availability. Both of the new dealers are well equipped to meet TRUVAC’s stringent requirements, and are excited to introduce TRUVAC to their customers, such as utility providers, construction companies, and others.

Ditch Witch of the Rockies, which is located in Colorado, and Ditch Witch of Oklahoma will now be offering the full line of TRUVAC vacuum excavators.

TRUVAC was founded as a response to the increased need for safe digging and the “Call 811 Before You Dig” movement, helping satisfy the safe-digging requirements of businesses and organizations that locate and verify underground utility lines and pipes. Vacuum excavators use pressurized air or water (hydro-excavation) to loosen soil, at which point a powerful vacuum system removes the soil and deposits it in the debris body. This provides a non-destructive means to safely locate and uncover underground utilities and precisely excavate an area.

“We’re excited to bring these Ditch Witch dealers into our family. They are already well established and dialed into the utility and construction markets,” says Tony Fuller, vice president, ESG Global Sales at Federal Signal. “This makes them a perfect match for our excavators and our mission to promote smart and safe digging through better technology and more dependable excavation.”

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TRUVAC vacuum excavators come in a variety of sizes and boast many exclusive features. Models include the popular Paradigm sub-compact model, the versatile Prodigy and Coyote compact models, and the full-size HXX and Wolf models. The full line of TRUVAC vacuum excavators is available at all four Ditch Witch locations in Colorado and Oklahoma.


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