In July 2005, Ultraliner Inc. acquired the U.S. and Canadian rights to theTROLINING technology. Ultraliner intends to offer the new product line to theUltraliner licensee network.

At the WEFTEC show in October, Ultraliner hosted a meeting with its licenseesto introduce the new technologies and to provide relevant information andpromotional materials.

Like the Ultraliner PVC Alloy Pipeliners, which is applicable in pipediameters up to 24 in., the TROLINING process has significant quality assuranceadvantages over competitive alternatives, with simplicity and ease ofconstruction combined with certainty of post-construction design compliance,thereby substantially limiting the risk of project failure. The resulting lowerrisk exposure is particularly desirable in the critical large diameter sizeranges.

The broad chemical and temperature exposure capability of TROLINING offersmany industrial project opportunities that cannot be done with any othertechnology. The new partnership therefore represents a perfect combination tosupply customers with the most appropriate product, say company officials.

In August 2005, two of Ultraliner’s field service personnel, Sam McLean andRay Stover, passed a hands-on installation training during on-going TROLININGprojects in Germany. Skills and knowledge gained during that training programwill now be passed on to the individual Ultraliner licensees in North America.

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