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July 2017 Trenchless TechnologySo, what has happened over the last 25 years in the world of trenchless technology? In a word? A lot (OK, that’s two but why quibble…).

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The trenchless industry is just as vibrant as ever with the technology reaching new heights each year. No longer a “new” industry with unheard of or unproven technologies and methods, trenchless technology is older, wiser and just better —  no longer the new kid on the construction block.

We wanted to give you a capsule of the last quarter century of how the industry — as well as its companies, people and associations — has grown over the years. To do that, we had to dive into the Trenchless Technology vault.

Editors Sharon M. Bueno, Jim Rush, Andrew Farr and Michael Kezdi were tasked with going through each and every issue to jot down just a few of the headlines the magazine has brought you. A long and informative stroll down memory lane!

The following are just some of those headlines, as well as industry trends. Hope you enjoy!

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