Trenchless Technology Products Showcase: November 2016

A selection of the latest trenchless products from the November 2016 issue of Trenchless Technology. Send product information to Sharon Bueno, managing editor, at Products are included in the magazine on a space available basis. Submissions should be no more than 150 words and include a high resolution (300 dpi or greater) image in .jpg, .png or .tiff format.


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bit-brokersBit Brokers International

Bit Brokers International has introduced its new and improved line of HDD matrix PDC bits. Matrix PDC bits are a combination of both steel and carbide. The higher the carbide to steel ratio is in the bit, the greater quality of the bit. BBI’s matrix PDC bits now have a higher carbide content than any other HDD quality PDC bit on the market. The higher carbide content helps prevent the bit from wearing while on its side in HDD applications. The interchangeable nozzles allow the driller to pick the size of nozzles needed based on rig size, flow rate, and the formation. Various sizes and blade counts are available. The BBI sales staff can help you pick the right bit and decide if a PDC bit is right for you based on the formation you are in.

ditch-witchDitch Witch

For operators who need the power to drill through the toughest conditions, including solid rock, Ditch Witch, a Charles Machine Works company, has upgraded the JT100 and JT100 All Terrain horizontal directional drills (HDD) to Tier 4 emission standards. Powered by 260-hp Cummins engines, the two drills supply raw power to all machine functions to install pipe and other underground utilities faster and more efficiently than before, reducing downtime on the job so operators can keep drilling and remain profitable. With 100,000 lbs of pullback and 12,000 ft-lbs of torque, the JT100 is the ideal partner for challenging and long bores, such as river crossings, and installation of large-diameter pipe. Beyond power, the innovative new designs aid operators in meeting difficult requirements whether drilling in open, rural settings, or in more densely packed urban environments. The JT100 also features improvements in noise abatement, running productively and quietly in residential and other urban areas. Exclusive dual-pivot drill frames allow for steeper angles of entry without having to raise tracks off of the ground, which provides improved machine stability and overall operator comfort.

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hammerheadHammerHead Trenchless Equipment

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment, a Charles Machine Works company, has introduced its new HammerHead HydroGuide HG1200 winch optimally designed to be more efficient and easy to use in pipe bursting, sliplining or slitting applications. This new iteration of the popular HydroGuide line of winches features a patented, self-deploying hydraulic downrigger, improved performance and additional safety features. While other winches on the market require manual assembly of heavy, bulky components, the HG1200 makes setup easy with its industry-changing hydraulic downrigger. With the touch of a button, users are able to automatically deploy the boom down hole and can fine-tune the depth up to 18 ft without having to jack up the machine. With the hydraulic boom, setup and teardown take just minutes, which saves valuable time on a jobsite. A key feature of the new HG1200 winch is its precision controls. Not only can users adjust the boom to any depth, but they also have total control of the line speed and pressure. Pull force can be set anywhere between 0.5 to 12 tons, and the line speed can be set anywhere between 0 to 111 ft per minute.


Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has launched a new locked-in sealing system for PVC wastewater pipes and fittings. The Forsheda 589 Din-Lock (F-589) eliminates seal displacement during transportation and fitting, reducing scrappage rates and providing a leak-free seal. Specifically designed for non-pressure pipes with a square groove, the F-589 seal’s unique design bonds a flexible thermoplastic elastomer sealing lip to a polypropylene retaining ring, locking the seal firmly into the correct position in all conditions. The F-589 seal features a retaining ring, which means the risk of seal displacement is almost totally eliminated. Manufactured from TPE and polypropylene, the close fit into the groove prevents sand and other particles from penetrating under the seal. With the lowest possible assembly forces, the new seal can quickly and easily be installed into the pipe bell either manually or automatically after pipe production. Similarly, without the use of an internal metal ring, which is used for shaping in some other seal designs, the seal will not misshape during installation and corrosion risks are reduced. Available in three sizes to suit pipes from 4 to 8 in., the F-589 Din-Lock seal exceeds current American standards (ASTM D-3212) for wastewater lines, both indoor and underground. Leak-free and oil resistant, this locked-in system delivers high performance sealing for square groove plastic pipes and fittings, for wastewater and cable protection applications.

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