Primus Line

Trenchless Technology Game Changers: Primus Line

Primus Line

Primus Line® – an internationally established product

Nearly 30 years ago, the idea for a kind of “super liner” was born: pulling it into aging pipelines for the rehabilitation of pressure pipelines. Five years of intensive development work from idea to finished product passed – which finally paid off: The Primus Line®technology consisting of the 3-layered high-performance flexible liner and specially developed connectors is now used all over the world. It has proven its excellence in more than 1,000 projects for the trenchless rehabilitation of critical infrastructure: safe, long-term and ecofriendly.

Managing Director and owner Werner Rädlinger is all the more proud of what has been achieved over the past two decades: “We have not only developed a new, truly unique product. Especially in the early years, we also had to do a lot of pioneering work to get trenchless technologies on the agenda of network operators and utilities.”

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