Trenchless Innovations

Each year Trenchless Technology presents many newinnovations that have been created in the trenchlessindustry. This year was no different when it came to findingfresh, new innovations designed with the trenchless professionalin mind.

Countless hours of planning, designing, testing and re-testingwent into these innovative tools and pieces of equipment. Thetrenchless industry is constantly evolving and companies arealways ready to keep up with the technology and equipmentpeople need to get the job done.

Reflected in these tools we can see many things the designersand testers must have had on their mind as their projects nearedcompletion. There is the desire for improvement on old ideas, toalways move forward. There’s also creativity, by taking a differentlook or approach toward a problem some of the best innovationsare dreamed up. And, of course, there’s efficiency; people arealways looking for the right tool for the right job.

Just as the start of 2008 was greeted with open minds andoptimism for the creation of new equipment, 2009 will be muchthe same. As the ball drops to signal the coming of another NewYear, equipment manufacturers are out there in the lab and thefield once again working hard to make even better tools formembers of the trenchless industry.

Editor’s Note: All information was provided by the manufacturers.Ryan Sweeney is an editorial assistant for Trenchless Technology

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