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The Monte Vista Group Develops the First Chinese-Made UV CIPP

business newsThe Monte Vista Group LLC (MVG) has implemented the largest, most advanced facility in China for the manufacture of ultraviolet light cured-in-place pipe (UV CIPP) technology. The facility is owned and operated by Beijing Pro-liner Pipetech Co. Ltd., (Pro-liner), a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Longkexing Trenchless Engineering Co. Ltd.

“A new facility has been under construction for the past 12 months and now we have begun the manufacturing of the most advanced technology in the world for producing one of the strongest and fasted curing UV CIPP liners anywhere,” said Yaugfhen Wang, vice president of engineering for Pro-liner.

Pro-liner is the first Chinese-made ultraviolet light cured glass reinforced pipe liner for the trenchless rehabilitation of sewer and storm water pipes in China. The announcement coincides with the beginning of commercial production of liner for sale to the Chinese as well as to other international municipal contractor markets.

“After several years of developing the market for UV CIPP in China, we investigated several different products worldwide to manufacture in China. We chose MVG due to their advanced technology, their experience in the industry, and their unique business strategy of building manufacturing facilities for companies like ours who want to make and brand their own technology,” said Fueshen Wu, president of Pro-liner.

The new Pro-liner product is manufactured in sizes from 150 to 1,500 mm in diameter and various thicknesses to meet the high standards required by the Chinese market. In addition, new test results reflect a 30 percent increase in strength over any of the current leading international competitors.

“This new technology is the result of my 25 years of experience in developing UV cured glass liners,” said Rene Quitter, director of technology for the Monte Vista Group. The Monte Vista Group is a California LLC specializing in the building and licensing of UVCIPP technology for U.S. and international markets. “Our company is very excited to be working with the people at Pro-liner. Their focus on quality and on their customers was key for our mutual cooperation,” Quitter added.

The full production of liners began at the end of January and is already attracting the attention of the entire Pacific Rim trenchless community, as well as other international customers.

“We are excited to bring our high quality, high strength product to China for the rehabilitation of their underground infrastructure. MVG has been committed to offering the most advanced technology to the trenchless market. We are taking the UV CIPP market to a new level of performance in the products that we license and how the information about those products is shared throughout the entire supply chain with our unique software platform,” said Richard Montemarano, managing director of the Monte Vista Group.

Beijing Longkexing Trenchless Engineering Co. Ltd provides services within the trenchless industry, including pipeline monitoring, survey, diagnosis and evaluation, trenchless pipeline installation and rehabilitation, pipeline repair and maintenance, and all other services related to underground construction. The company has been a major installer of UV CIPP lining technology for the past five years, leading the Chinese trenchless market in installations and clients.
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