TBE Ranks No. 7 in Top 50 ‘Best Civil Engineering Firms to Work For’

TBE Group placed seventh in the 2005 50 Best Civil Engineering Firms to WorkFor Contest, conducted by CE News, a civil engineering business magazine. Theranking represents the fourth year in a row TBE has placed in the magazine’s top20, and the first year TBE has placed in the top 10. In addition, TBE alsoranked No. 4 out of 25 in mid-size firms according to size.

The 135 participating firms competed in a thorough evaluation and comparisonof culture, benefits, performance-recognition practices, compensation,professional development programs, recruiting and retention efforts. In additionto information supplied by the competing firms, the individual firms’ employeeshad the opportunity to complete an anonymous satisfaction survey. Virtually allresponses from TBE associates ranked higher than the median response rankings ofall competing firms.

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“We are truly honored to be recognized by our industry for the fourth year ina row as a great place to work,” TBE president Patrick L. Beyer says. “At TBE,we strive to provide a rewarding, high-quality work environment where allassociates are able to flourish, both professionally and personally. We continueto invest money and energy in the professional, financial and personal growth ofour associates through training, outstanding benefits and employee ownership.TBE’s vision is to set the standard in our industry as the most sought-afteremployer, and we continue to be committed to a premier working environment forall of our associates.”