Taking Pipe Inspection Systems Off-road For Pipeview

AM Industrial (UK) Ltd (AMI) recently undertook a special vehicle build for Farnborough-based pipeline inspection specialist Pipeview LLP.

Pipeview, established by Ryan Woods in 2010, operates a van-mounted AMI mainline CCTV system for pipeline inspection works in pipes between 100 and 1,000 mm in diameter. The van has an on-board jetter unit for cleaning pipes of up to 300 mm in diameter. Most recently, the company has introduced both robotic cutting and smaller diameter lining to its portfolio by combining forces with an experienced local operator. For the future there are plans to expand the company’s operations in these areas.

Pipeview’s main clientele includes local authorities, commercial/industrial operations, the agricultural sector and utility companies, particularly those in the water sector. The company, while based in the southeast, undertakes projects across the United Kingdom and has also completed work on the Isle of Man. Pipeview also undertakes works on a sub contract at basis to larger drainage companies, particularly on larger survey contracts.
Increasing Demand

Since 2010, the company has increased its workload considerably and of late, this increase in demand has come from a need to undertake surveys in some quite inaccessible locations, in particular ‘off-road’ sites.

To meet this demand Ryan Woods looked at the potential for building a full CCTV survey system into an off-road, 4×4 vehicle which, while being smaller than the average CCTV survey van, would have the capacity to reach remote and difficult access survey sites and yet still be able to carry all the necessary survey equipment and recording devices that are needed to complete a survey successfully to the high standards demanded by the modern pipeline industries.

The sorts of sites that have become increasingly part of the workload are those such as outfall surveys that require the vehicle to access for example beach front locations or to operate whilst parked in streams and on shallower river beds. The right choice of vehicle was therefore absolutely vital.

After looking at the options available, it was decided that the best unit for the range of jobs being undertaken was a Land Rover Defender 90 XS with a 3½ ton towing capability.

Further to this, Pipeview opted to install AMI survey equipment into the vehicle and AMI was also chosen to complete the vehicle fit out from scratch to ensure it could effectively and efficiently carry all the equipment necessary for the company’s projects.

The full fit out included the installation of:

• Full insulation and ply-lined facing with a hard-wearing chequered PVC coat
• A full bulkhead with a perspex window viewing through to the rest of the vehicle.
• A non-slip raised floor with pull out storage drawers positioned underneath for a clean and tidy operating area but also    quick and easy access to equipment
• Low voltage Led interior work lights
• A 1,500 W pure sine wave inverter with 2 x 100 AH batteries
• An automatic split battery charger with a 240V shore power hook up
• Fitted Led roof and grill warning lights
• A raised air intake snorkel for working in locations where water might affect the vehicle performance
• Extra security in the form of deadlocks and a vehicle tracking system

Once the vehicle interior was designed and completed, AMI undertook the manufacture of the CCTV and other survey equipment that was to be installed and used on the vehicle.

The on-board equipment was to comprise:

• Pipe inspection systems for pipes from 100- to 1,000-mm diameter pipes including an SP100 Pan & Rotate camera with an   SP150  Midi crawler with a range of wheels and camera elevator
• A portable ‘Tough Book’ docking station control unit with a Panasonic ‘Tough Book,’ which was pre-loaded with Wincan   mobile CCTV reporting software
• A portable cable reel with 150 m of cable
• An SP50 Push rod coiler CCTV unit
• Facility for Sonar underwater pipe profiling to be utilised where water-filled pipes and borehole surveys were required

Once completed, the new Land Rover Defender was not liveried with Pipeview company logos etc. due to the regular requirement to operate on sub-contract to other companies.

Pipeview’s contract with AMI for the fit-out required a very quick turn-round due to the already high existing demand for the vehicle. AMI was able to deliver this total turnkey solution within 4 weeks of the vehicle being ‘free issued’ to it by Pipeview.

According to Woods, “The changing nature of some of our business means that we need to be able to get off-road whist still being able to undertake the widest range of survey options for various clients. We felt that our only real option was to bring in a 4×4 vehicle with all the ‘bells and whistles’ so that we could meet this expanding need.”

In relation to the pipe inspection equipment, he noted, “We have always been impressed by AMI’s equipment and to have the fit-out completed at the same time meant that we could design the layout and fit of the equipment just where and how we wanted it. Now, whatever the survey, we can get to any location that a normal Land Rover can.”

For AMI managing director Arthur Jones said, “We have always strived to give our clients what they need when they need it. Working closely with Ryan [Woods] we have been able to complete a vehicle build that meets not only the widest possible survey requirements he may have but also with the Land Rover we have been able to give Pipeview a means of remote location access that is rarely found in the average survey contracting company.”

This article was provided by AM Industrial (UK) Ltd., based in Hants, United Kingdom.
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