TA Drilling Has the ‘Tric’ of Quality Pipebursting

It has long been the policy at TA Drilling to provide not only the highest quality tools for the underground construction industry but to provide also the training and backup that is needed to make it work successfully. This philosophy was shown recently on a demonstration on a live project site for Barhale plc.

The operation was to replace an existing 100-mm diameter PVC pipeline with a new 125-mm diameter PE SDR 17 pipeline. The demonstration was to show how successfully this could be achieved using one of TA Drilling’s TRIC M50 pipe bursting systems.

Because it was not only a demonstration site but also a live project site on a Barhale contract, several other interested companies were invited along to see the TRIC M50 in operation. These companies included:

•    Fusion Provida
•    GB Drilling
•    Mc Andrews
•    Anglian Water
•    Let’s Go Green
•    Barhale
•    and TA Drilling

The TRIC M50 pipe bursterHaving set up the TRIC M50 unit in a centralized start pit with a depth of 2.5 m, the idea of the single day operation was to burst two sections of the old pipe and simultaneously install the new larger diameter pipe. Each pipe bursting run was approximately 100 m long. For both bursting runs the necessary replacement pipe had already been prepared to length and laid out at the reception end of the run ready for installation.

Having passed the bursting rope through the old pipe and attached the bursting head and the new pipe to the TRIC M50 unit, the first bursting process started at approximately 10 a.m. on the first run. This replacement was completed in only about 50 minutes or an average speed of 2 m per minute. The TRIC M50 was then turned and set up in the second length of pipe and the burst run started. Again, the run was completed in just around 50 minutes. At no time during either bursting run did the monitoring gauge on the TRIC M50 pulling unit exceed 1,000 psi, well within its operational limits.

By the end of the day all equipment was off site with two pipe replacements completed by 4.15 p.m.
Ultimately, once the equipment was stowed and the client and visitors had the chance to comment on the day’s proceedings, the feedback from all that attended was excellent. Everyone at the demonstration saw how safe, fast and easy to use the TRIC M50 system was.

The TRIC M50 set up in the start pit on the Barhale projectAccording to Barry Baird, works manager for Barhale plc: “We use all means of trenchless solutions and are continually seeking more innovative ways of delivering safe, efficient and more responsible solutions that improve service to our customer’s and I was very impressed that there was no manual handling of rods in pit and none of our guys had to be in the excavation while bursting was in progress. We trialed this unit in the bespoke frame/cradle in a trench box which worked very well, I see great potential for this compact unit with enough power to cope.”


The TRIC M50 is designed to offer the perfect combination of size and power for those projects such as those in easements and other tight spots where bigger equipment just will not fit. The unit is strong enough to burst up to 250 mm diameter main lines, whilst being compact enough to set up by hand. It can be powered using either a suitable backhoe with sufficient hydraulic output or a dedicated high-flow hydraulic pump.
The system offers a Pulling force of 48 tons at 5,000 psi at a maximum hydraulic flow rate of 75 liters. The unit utilizes a swaged cable of maximum diameter 22 mm.

Full Equipment Range

TA Drilling (Sales) Ltd have an extensive portfolio of trenchless equipment. TRIC Tools range of Compact Rope Bursters ranging in size from 20 ton to 100 ton units. The Essig range of Moles and Rammers, from 45 mm up to 530 mm diameter. TA also has Ring-O-Matic Vac Ex systems, American Augers and Toro HDD Rigs and Tooling, as well as Jakob Thaler Winches, Hunting Rods, Baroid Fluids, DCI Locators and Melfred Borzall tooling.

This article was provided by TA Drilling Ltd., based in East Sussex, United Kingdom.
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