Trenchless Technology Road Show

Submit an Abstract for the 2018 Trenchless Technology Road Show

Trenchless Technology Road ShowThe Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies (CATT) and Benjamin Media Inc., organizers for the 2018 Trenchless Technology Road Show in London, Ontario Canada, want you to tell your story.


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Are you a trenchless construction, water asset management or buried pipeline innovator/leader? Have you completed a cool trenchless project that can show water utilities how to extend the life of their water pipe, save operation costs, fix deteriorated buried pipes, find leaking/deteriorated pipes and/or better manage water assets?

The biennial event – taking place May 16-17, 2018 – brings together more than 500 industry leaders to showcase local and international trenchless industry projects, innovation and advancements.

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As a committee selected and approved show speaker, you will:

  • Be able to present your story to municipal decision makers, consultants and other industry professionals.

  • Be recognized as an industry leader in the show marketing material.

  • Receive a significant discount to attend the show and exhibit hall that has over 60 exhibitors.

The deadline to submit abstracts is May 31, 2017.Follow this link to submit an abstract.

Areas of interest include:

  • Trenchless planning and analysis

  • New products and materials

  • Trenchless rehabilitation

  • Trenchless pipe materials

  • Subsurface utility engineering

  • Research updates

  • Condition assessment

  • Case studies

  • Advances in buried infrastructure asset management

  • Change management and organizational behaviour

  • Environmental benefits of using trenchless construction methods

  • Geotechnical and environmental considerations

  • Regulatory frameworks: risk management and communication

  • State of water infrastructure: level of service, performance indicators

  • Pipeline deterioration modelling

  • Cost savings going trenchless

  • Culvert renovation/condition assessment

  • Greenhouse gas savings

  • Market analysis

  • Trenchless education

  • Microtunnelling/pipe jacking/auger boring

  • Pipe bursting/pipe ramming

  • Water and sewer pipe lining and coating

  • Other cool related topics


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The organizers note that they often receive many more abstracts for presentation than can fit into the program. To increase your opportunity to be a chosen as an approved presenter, they recommend submitting abstracts early and indicate how the product, process, case study is unique and/or innovative.

For help with technical questions related to the show, email Jonathan Pearce at To exhibit at the show, email Brittany Cline at and for attendee information, email

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