StraightLine HDD Armadrillco

Armadrillco’s high-flow/side-load transmitter housings and rock tools complement and expands StraightLine’s hard formation tooling portfolio.

Hutchinson, Kansas-based StraightLine HDD Inc. announced the acquisition of Texas-based horizontal drilling tools manufacturer Armadrillco Inc.

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The strategic acquisition of complementary products expands the portfolio of high-flow/side-load transmitter housings and rock tools targeting hard formation pilot drilling. The combination also solidifies StraightLine’s strategic position within key horizontal directional drilling (HDD) markets.  The change in ownership was completed in February.

“This acquisition is an excellent strategic fit for our tooling business,” said StraightLine HDD president, Joe Phillips. “Both companies’ products are known for industry-leading performance and service life. Augmenting the StraightLine tool portfolio with Armadrillco demonstrates our commitment to expand our position as a world-class supplier of ready-to-work HDD solutions.”

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The addition of Armadrillco products represents a significant move to broaden the company’s portfolio of box x box/high-flow/ side-load transmitter housings, drill heads and rock tools.

“Expanding our product portfolio with innovative and patented technologies is a fundamental piece of our growth strategy,” says Jay Cary, vice president of sales. “Product expansion, coupled with StraightLine’s established sales and manufacturing efficiencies, will extend market reach of Armadrillco products.”

Initially, the product offering includes several box x box/high-flow/ side-load and slant-face transmitter housings, along with a variety of dirt and rock bits. Phillips says plans are underway to expand the product offering over the next 12 months, beginning with a number of new side-load housings in 2017.

The acquisition retains Armadrillco founder, Chuck Webb, as territory manager. Webb, a HDD industry veteran as a driller and tooling designer, adds decades of field experience to the StraightLine HDD team.

For more information, visit the StraightLine HDD website.

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