Sprayroq Demos Product for Manhole Rehab in Akron, Ohio

Sprayroq Inc., a designer and manufacturer of spray-applied polyurethane technology for infrastructure rehabilitation and protection, held a demonstration of its “SprayWall” product in Akron, Ohio., on Aug. 17. The demo involved the structural rehabilitation of a sanitary sewer manhole, performed by Abel Recon, one of Sprayroq’s certified partners and contractor for the demo.

SprayWall is a structural, spray-applied polyurethane-based product with a compressive strength of more than 18,000 psi. According to Sprayroq, SprayWall has a 50-year design life and is 43 percent stronger than concrete. It has also been approved for use in potable water applications (NSF 61 certified) and as well as use in infiltration control, high hydrostatic loading and structural reinstatement of deteriorated water structures.

“SprayWall was designed specifically for the water/wastewater industry and applying the product works well with the infrastructure” said Kenny Orr, Midwest business development manager for Sprayroq.

Along with Orr, the demo was also presented by Chip Johnson, director of business management for Sprayroq and Patrick Godwin, business development manager for Abel Recon. Several representatives from the City of Akron’s Public Service Department were also on hand. Before the product could be applied for the demo, the 10-ft manhole had to be prepped. All surfaces to be treated with a Sprayroq product — in this case, the inner walls and bottom of the manhole — must always be cleaned of all oil, grease, rust, scale and other debris or contaminants. 

Crewmembers from Abel Recon demonstrated the importance of keeping the manhole free of moisture by pouring water over some sample bricks and applying SprayWall. The reaction was visible almost immediately. “When moisture gets in the way, or the product is not properly applied, blistering or outgassing, can occur,” said Pat Godwin.  

“Preparation is everything,” added Orr. “We have certified partners that are trained in every aspect of the preparation in determining the pressure, moisture and temperature inside the manhole or structure to be rehabilitated. The preparation actually takes longer than the process of spraying the product.”

That process of spraying the manhole took about 20-30 minutes start to finish. The product is sprayed using a proprietary heated plural component spray system and is applied at around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, Sprayroq’s recommended temperature for optimum protection. Once applied, SprayWall achieves a tack-free condition in one minute and the manhole is capable of accepting flow while complete curing continues over the next 4-6 hours.

 Sprayroq’s core product line also features two other products — SprayShield Green I and SprayShield Green II — both of which are also polyurethane-based applicants, but used for corrosion protection rather than structural rehabilitation.

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