Smart Trenchless Solutions from TRACTO-TECHNIK Appeal to Visitors at bauma 2019

The record attendance at bauma 2019 was felt by TRACTO-TECHNIK, which is internationally known for its innovative solutions for trenchless installation and renewal of pipelines.

The Lennestadt, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany-based manufacturer, with numerous ground-breaking innovations, attracted thousands of visitors to the 2,000-sqm stand in the open-air area.

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Bauma 2019 attracted over 620,000 visitors from more than 200 countries, achieving the best result in its history. With an area of 614,000-sqm, this was the largest bauma of all times and once again a record.

Under the slogan “trenchless technology – simple & easy,” trade visitors to the company’s exhibit space at bauma 2019 learned how intelligent no-dig solutions make it possible to supply people with what they need for life in an efficient and economical way can provide people with these essentials in an efficient and economical way.

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By consistently focusing on user requirements and the trends in pipeline construction towards increasing digitisation, TRACTO-TECHNIK offers a comprehensive product portfolio with innovative drilling rigs, digital products and services that strongly appealed to the visitors.

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Trend Towards Digitization Confirmed

The trend towards digitization was omnipresent at bauma 2019. With the new generation of GRUNDODRILL horizontal directional drilling (HDD) rigs comprising six models in the performance classes from 60 to 280 kN, TRACTO-TECHNIK sets the standards for underground pipeline construction. The live demonstrations of the new drilling rigs, which make remote drilling in HDD possible for the first time due to a unique combination of innovative technology and maximum digitization, were one of the crowd-pullers.

In addition, the machine concept impressed with the innovation of rock drilling in all performance classes and the integrated locating solution. The intuitive operating concept of the new GRUNDODRILL generation, with almost all functions of the drill rig being controlled via a central touch screen, was also very well received. The concept, which is perfectly adapted to the operator, considerably facilitates the training of new drill masters.

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With additional software solutions for fleet management and bore path planning, TRACTO-TECHNIK demonstrated how digitization not only makes trenchless pipeline construction simpler, but also more productive in the long term.

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‘Straight Dynamic’ at the bauma Innovation Award

The innovative design concept of the new GRUNDODRILL generation, whose central element is a high-tech operator cabin, won second place in the Design category at the renowned bauma Innovation Award.

The expert jury was impressed by the “Straight Dynamic” design with its large panoramic windows, which in combination with an intelligent camera concept allows for all-around view during operation without tilting the cabin. TRACTO-TECHNIK is also the market leader with this feature.

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Also on Display

Further solutions for intelligent underground pipe installation and renewal “made in Germany” also met with great interest from trade visitors at bauma 2019.

In addition to a new generation of the proven GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammers, which are even more reliable and versatile thanks to an optimized design, the GRUNDOPIT mini steerable drilling rigs for installing house connections, the effective GRUNDORAM for the dynamic installation of steel pipes as well as the GRUNDOCRACK and GRUNDOBURST pipe bursting systems were also included.

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