Tetra Tech announced that the City ofRiver Rouges Dwight Street Sewer Rehabilitation has been named Project of theYear by the American Public Works Association (APWA) Michigan Chapter. Theproject will now enter national competition in the Structures less than $2Million category.

To win this award, the project had to demonstrate goodconstruction management techniques, ability to meet the schedule, safetyperformance, community relations, environmental protection, unusualaccomplishments, and additional value. Highlights include the rehabilitation ofa 1930s-vintage 66-in. diameter brick sewer, a fast-track schedule required toreceive Environmental Protection Agency grant funding, a savings of more than$30,000 (35 percent less than budgeted) for engineering services and acompletion date four weeks ahead of schedule due to an exceptional team effort,the use of performance-based vs. functional specifications to allow contractorsto develop innovative rehabilitation techniques and use of trenchless technologyto eliminate damage to private and public property.

The project teamincluded the City of River Rouge and its managing agency Geomangement LLC,engineering firm Tetra Tech, primary contractor Insituform Technologies and theWayne County Department of Environment. The award will be presented at the APWAannual state meeting in May 2005.

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