Reline Aptec Management

RELINE APTEC Reinforces its Management

RELINE APTEC GmbH appointed Andreas Bichler to technical director. Together with managing director Christian Noll, he will continue to develop the company with its innovative products and technologies.

Bichler has been active in the field of pipe and sewer rehabilitation for 27 year and has a great deal of experience, gathered during the many years he has been working internationally in this sector. Bichler first joined the company in 2019 as director of operations and will now be taking on the responsibility of continuing to grow RELINE APTEC’s business as technical managing director.

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RELINE APTEC GmbH, founded in 2017 as a new entity as part of  RELINE UV-Group, offers UV cured GRP liners for the trenchless rehabilitation of wastewater pressure pipes. The acronym APTEC which forms part of the company name, stands for Advanced Liner Technology for Pressure Pipes.

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Over the past years, the company has focused on developing an innovative solution for the rehabilitation of drinking water pipelines: the UV curing GRP liner AQUA. UV CIPP. It has already been fully certified under KTW – DVGW, NSF, and ACS (France). Additional, country-specific and national, certifications are expected to follow soon. To continue to fulfill the current standards set forth in the German Drinking Water Ordinance, the process is under way to achieve certification under the new KTW-BWGL.

With the AlphalinerPN in its various versions, RELINE APTEC already offers a structurally self- supporting liner solution, specifically developed for the rehabilitation of pressure pipes. This Alphaliner distinguishes itself through its characteristic interior coating, which consists of a highly resistant, seamless, thermoplastic material.

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In future, gas pipelines for low pressure applications of up to 400 mbar (5.8 psi) can be rehabilitated using the recently developed GasLiner. Certification under WRc (Approval GT/002/0617 for GasLiner) was granted in June 2017.


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