RedZone Robotics Lands $25M Investment

RedZone Robotics Inc., a designer and manufacturer of wastewater inspection technologies and related analytical solutions for municipalities, contractors and engineering companies, has announced a $25 million investment by ABS Capital Partners Inc., a leading growth equity investor.

RedZone will use the funds to continue to expand its product set and geographic reach.

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As a result of the financing, ABS Capital general partners Bobby Goswami and Laura Witt will join RedZone’s board of directors. “Most municipalities and wastewater agencies do not have the funding required to resolve all of their infrastructure problems.  It is critical that they have a good complete understanding of the system so as to make fact-based decisions when allocating constrained capital and operating dollars in their quest to provide services and comply with regulatory demands. We are seeing

municipalities save money and really benefit from our cutting-edge solutions that enable them to proactively manage their wastewater infrastructure,” said CEO Eric Close. “This investment will help expand the number of communities we can assist, ensuring these communities can best use their funds to maintain their infrastructure and protect their environment.”

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Today’s wastewater managers are tasked with making critical decisions about their valuable collection system assets while being  limited by insufficient technologies, time, funding, and resources. The EPA estimates that U.S. investments in the aging wastewater infrastructure will need to increase by more than $150 billion over the next two decades to maintain current service levels, unless new spending and operations practices are adopted. Communities need useful information that is accurate, complete, centralized and standardized to help them understand their system. RedZone Robotics’ solutions provide actionable information required to make better decisions while reducing spending and negative environmental impact. RedZone accomplishes these results by providing world-class robotic sewer inspection technologies and sophisticated data-analysis software.

“The fact that municipalities  are  pressured to provide expected services while  coping with deteriorating infrastructure, constrained budgets as well as an imperative to maintain high environmental standards  means there is a huge  pain point that RedZone is addressing,” said Bobby Goswami of ABS Capital. “We were completely impressed by the unique way the Company had addressed these important problems.  We’re looking forward to  watching RedZone’s continued rapid growth.”

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Today, RedZone serves customers globally spanning large and small municipalities and wastewater agencies, as well as regional and national engineering firms.