Rain For Rent, a leader in therental of liquid handling equipment, has registered its equipment fleet with theNational Equipment Register in order to help the company and its clients detertheft and increase the chances of recovering stolen equipment.

Throughits 24-hour hotline and the Internet, NER provides expert identification adviceand ownership information from its databases of millions of equipment theft andownership records to law enforcement seeking to identify suspicious equipment.NER will now be able to identify equipment belonging to Rain For Rent — evenbefore a theft has been detected or reported.

As theft is a significantproblem for rental companies and their clients, NER provides a cost-effectivesolution. The mobile inventory of all Rain For Rent locations in 22 statesacross the United States are being marked with NER decals that clearly warnthieves that the equipment is registered on a national database used extensivelyby law enforcement and that the chances of being detected while moving, storingor selling the equipment are greatly increased.

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