Quadex Adds Taylor Daniele

Quadex/InterfitUSA, an industry-leading provider of manhole, pipe and lateral rehabilitation products based out of North Little Rock, Ark., has announced that Taylor Daniele has joined its management team.

Daniele is an expert at mitigating corrosion and infiltration related problems within the wastewater industry. He is a NACE-certified inspector and will serve as assistant manager of technical services for Quadex’s full line of rehabilitation cements and coatings and the Interfit lateral connection sealing system. Daniele has been in the underground infrastructure corrosion protection, rehabilitation and trenchless industry for more than 20 years, most recently with A/P Permaform. His thorough knowledge of corrosion protection, high performance coatings, inspection and rehabilitation of manholes and pipes will be a big benefit to Quadex’s network of Certified Applicators.

“I chose to work with Quadex because of their vision at assembling a great line of best-in-class products that, not coincidently, are highly complementary.  Their new product development in geopolymers and CCCP (centrifugally cast concrete pipe) offer superior corrosion protection and structural rehabilitation for manholes and pipes.  And the Interfit connections seal is simple and effective so it’s in high demand and offers an attractive technology extension for progressive, growing utility contractors.  I look forward to working with QUADEX Certified Applicators and their municipal customers so they can reap the benefits these products offer.”

Quadex, one of the sewer industry’s pioneers of manhole rehabilitation, offers a full line of engineered cementitious and epoxy coatings for protecting and rehabilitating underground infrastructure. The company’s patented Interfit lateral connection seal is the industry’s latest connection seal technology that is simpler and more effective than earlier technologies. QUADEX’s growth reflects its increased commitment to the municipal market, adding services, products and quality personnel that continue to set the new standards.

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