Pumper Show Day 2

The Trenchless Technology team awarded the big prize of its Wear the Pin to Win contest: an Apple iPad to Josh Quesenbergy, collection systems manager for the City of Aberdeen, Md., who was in the right place at the right time when Dan Sisko and I spotted him wearing the Pin to Win. Congrats to Josh and we hope he enjoys his prize. We also handed out $25 VISA gift cards to lucky Pumper attendees wearing their pins: Debra Sillery with the West Central Conservancy District, Avon, Ind., and Paul Govoni, sales and marketing manager with Hydro Klean, Des Moines, Iowa.

There are some cool new products being unveiled at the Pumper Show, including POSM’s Panomorph with the RST Omni EYE 360 Camera. POSM Soft partnered with RS Technical and ImmerVision to develop this new inspection system, which was in development for four years. According to POSM’s Bob Katter, the camera uses an oval lens rather than a fish-eye to produce a higher resolution video out of analog camera. It can also be used with digital cameras, resulting in even higher resolution. Users can view simultaneous forward and unwrapped footage in the field or office.

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Also at the show, Cobra Technologies is showing the prototype of its latest addition to its camera line. It’s a pan-tilt-zoom camera that is smaller with a brighter LED and new generation of Luxeon Lighting. The camera will be used for pipe diameters of 6 to 15 in. and it will be compatible with its 8-in. crawlers.

NLB Corp. has several new products at the show, including its NLB 225 Series water jetting units that are built around the innovative model 225G internally geared pump. Its gearing eliminates the need for large pulleys or belts, greatly decreasing the pump’s overall footprint.

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Saturday is the final day of the show.