Perm-Liner vertical connection pipe lining system

Product Spotlight: Perma-Liner Industries Vertical Connection Pipe Lining System

Perm-Liner vertical connection pipe lining system┬áPerma-Liner Industries LLC., recently unveiled a new product: the vertical connection pipe lining system. This latest technology in the company’s already robust catalog will change the way contractors and companies approach and repair vertical pipelines in residential and commercial markets.


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“To be able to launch this new technology is an exciting venture,” said Jerry D’Hulster, president of Perma-Liner Industries, LLC. “The capabilities this new lining system can offer the commercial and residential markets are endless. We’re thrilled to finally introduce this product.”

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While some may compare Perma-Liner’s newest product to coating or brush casting, this product is vastly superior and offers many standout benefits. Where coating or brush casting needs multiple coats and comes with a significant dry time in between coats, the vertical connection pipe lining system does not.

Perma-Liner’s newest lining system, along with their other lining products, features uniform thickness throughout. There is zero thickness inconsistency with this method where one would see significant inconsistencies with coating. The host pipe does not need to be dry prior to installation and it lessens the installation and cure time. This new product cures in under an hour and an experienced crew can easily install five or more of these a day.

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This product will make installations much easier and require less time in condominiums and high-rise buildings. Given the ease this lining system offers, all materials will come in kit form. There is zero measuring or waste.

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For more than 19 years, Perma-Liner has continued to be the nationwide leader in trenchless pipeline rehabilitation due to its advanced technology and products. From its Perma-Main Top Gun and Perma-Lateral Lining System to its InnerSeal and heat assist equipment, Perma-Liner’s experience in designing, patenting and manufacturing CIPP equipment and materials continues to rise above the competition and produce products that are cost-effective solutions to repairing, without excavation, existing sewer systems.

SOURCE – Perma-Liner

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