Armadrillco Straightline HDD

Product Showcase: Armadrillco – The World’s Toughest Tooling

Armadrillco Straightline HDDDesigned by a driller for drillers, Armadrillco provides a tooling solution for contractors struggling in hard soil conditions. Armadrillco’s box x box high-flow/side-load transmitter housings, innovative high-flow/side-load drill heads and rock tool technologies give drillers the upper hand when it comes to combating those tough soil conditions.

The aggressive Bull Bit features three carbide penetrating teeth and 73 carbide grinding buttons. The transmitter housings and drill heads incorporate a patented lid security system and urethane-sealed transmitter cavity that allow larger slots and unparalleled protection of electronics. Another unique feature includes a bullet-proof drill head mounting system that eliminates under- and over-torquing of bits and cutting heads. Armadrillco also offers TCI and roller cone bits, along with a variety of dirt bits to meet your drilling needs.

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