PRO Tips & Products Showcase: Combination Sewer Cleaners

Cleaning is often the first step during a sewer inspection project. On the residential side of things, that is often accomplished using a trailer or truck jetter, however when you get to the mainline systems, a different approach is necessary.

Utility owners and the contractors they hire to perform the work rely on a combination sewer cleaner or jet/vac truck. The machine’s ability to jet and vac (as the name implies) segments of pipe is a time saver.

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We reached out to all the major North American manufacturers to share with us their latest pieces of equipment, and offer a PRO Tip on purchasing, maintaining and/or using their equipment. As always, for more information on a particular piece of equipment, visit the manufacturer’s website.

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Bucher Municipal

CityFlex C50

Bucher Municipal CityFlex C50

Move around easily in densely populated areas with the Bucher Municipal CityFlex C50. Work with minimum obstruction to traffic. This small unit is as efficient as its larger counterparts and more cost-effective. The Bucher CityFlex gives you a competitive advantage allowing you to go into sections of the city with height and weight limitations. All while leaving a small environmental footprint. The C50 equipped with working lights, rotating beacons, sidelights, and reflectors, making evening shifts easier and safer. The storage compartments are lockable so you can have your gear safely stored.

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Key specifications:

  • 5 yd³ tank

  • Jetting pump: Uraca P3-10, 33.5 gpm at 2,320 psi

  • Jetting hose reel: 492 ft, 3/4-in. thermoplastic hose, hydraulic

  • Vacuum pump: Jurop RV 360

  • Suction cassette: 3-in. suction hose

    with 7 ft extension

  • Corrosion class C3. Average lifetime of 20 years.


The following is an excerpt about the Bucher Municipal CityFlex C50 combination sewer cleaning tanker from the Sweepers & Tankers podcast. Hear the entire episode on Apple, Google Podcasts and other podcast services. “A big thing on the CityFlex C50 is that it targets smaller municipalities that use it as an all in one unit. The CityFlex C50 is under 26,001 pounds; the empty weight just over 19,000 lbs, so no CDL is required. One of the biggest things that I’ve learned since I’ve been in this industry is many guys misconstrue pipe cleaning. They think that the higher pressure you have, the more it’s going to move your material. Well, that’s false. Your flow is what controls how much debris you’re clearing.” – Jacob Amrine, Regional Sales Manager

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For more information, visit buchermunicipal.com


MC Series, Combination JetVac

GapVax MC Series, Combination JetVac

The GapVax MC Series unit, Combination JetVac, is a wet only vacuum truck. The debris body ranges from 5 to 12 cubic yards (stainless steel also available). The stainless-steel water tank’s capacity can hold up to 2,000 gallons. The MC Series vacuum pump options range from 3,500 to 5,000 cfm with up to 27-in. Hg. The GapVax Combo JetVac is also equipped with an 8-ft front-mounted, telescopic boom, reaching 26 ft with a 180-degree rotation. The standard water pump is rated at 80 gpm at 2,000 psi. Multiple options, including the hydro excavation package, allow GapVax to be the most versatile unit on the market. GapVax units are designed with the operator in mind, manufactured for ease of operation and maintenance and custom built to fit customers’ needs.


GapVax units are designed for longevity as well as versatility. How can a customer get the most from their GapVax? Maintenance. Proper preventative maintenance goes a long way for the operator and for the mechanic. Each GapVax unit includes a maintenance decal that is placed either in a high-use area of the truck, near the spool valve or control box or inside the control box. It is placed in a highly visible area so that it is a daily reminder to the operator. The Maintenance decal displays detailed information about recommended intervals of fluid or grease changes, rotating certain components, replacement of filters. Two owners’ manuals are also included with the truck and there is a dedicated section that walks the operator through maintenance and proper care.

For more information, visit gapvax.com.

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Sewer Equipment Co. of America

Model 900 ECO

Sewer Equipment Co. of America Model 900 ECO

The Sewer Equipment Co. of America Model 900 ECO is where simplicity comes standard, utilizing proven technologies and offering a variety of options, making it the perfect fit for every customer and every application. This unit is available in 6-, 9-, 12- or 15-yard debris capacities, equipped with Duraprolene water tanks carrying 900 to 2,100 gallons of on-board water, and features our patented single engine Hydro Drive powertrain system, eliminating the need for a transfer case. Both single piston and tri-plex pump options are available at 55 to 80 gpm at 2,000 to 3,000 psi and 4,400 cfm blower and 18hg, built on an ECO-friendly platform, which provides greater fuel efficiency and offers noise reduction for increased safety. Whether you choose your next combination truck based on productivity, reliability, safety, overall value, ease of operation, ease of maintenance or any combination of these traits, the choice is simple: The Model 900 ECO.


Simplicity of start-up is key when choosing the right combination sewer cleaner, as complicated start-up procedures lead to an increased learning curve for operators. In today’s market, many manufacturers have replaced complicated start-up engagements with operator-facing touchscreens and buttons that engage a series of computers within the module and chassis. While this absolutely simplifies the start-up process, it can lead to downtime and productivity issues, as troubleshooting now requires proprietary software and additional computers to diagnosis issues that occur in the field. The Model 900 ECO employs a simple start-up, using four basic toggle switches and 12-volt electrical wiring. Utilizing basic wiring and single engine Hydro Drive technology, the 900 ECO has eliminated the need for transfer case, computers and canBUS communications, making start-up engagements truly simple.

For more information, visit sewerequipment.com.


AllJetVac Combination Sewer Cleaners

Vacall AllJetVac Combination Sewer CleanersThe AllJetVac combination sewer cleaners provide excellent jetting action and vacuum power to efficiently open clogged sewer lines and perform needed maintenance. They are easy to operate and present an exclusive collection of “green” advantages that save both money and the environment. AllJetVac models use just one engine instead of two for chassis mobility and to generate vacuum and jetting power — a concept that saves on fuel consumption, routine service, harmful emissions and the purchase price of the unit. The plunger-style triplex pump is capable of flows from 50 to 120 gpm and features run-dry prevention technology. Water tanks are fabricated from high-quality aluminum, mounted high to avoid road debris damage. The AllSmartFlow system, standard on AllJetVac models, helps operators improve their working efficiency with more precise adjustments and boom movements utilizing proportional controls. A programmable color LCD display monitors engine performance, water flow and vacuum functions.


“The Recycler system, an option on the Vacall AllJetVac combo sewer cleaner, recycles water vacuumed during jetting and puts it back to work. Using a series of filters, screens and centrifugal motions, it removes matter from water collected in the debris tank before returning it to the water tanks. There’s virtually no downtime for maintenance – the system is self-cleaning and there are no filter changes. ” says Bill Petrole, vice president of Vacall products. However, proactive equipment maintenance is paramount. “The best way to keep operating costs to a minimum is ongoing service and maintenance,” says Michael Norman, director of sales and marketing of Gradall Industries, manufacturer of Vacall machines. “Optimize the productivity and working life of your AllJetVac by keeping it on a regular service schedule and addressing maintenance issues in a timely manner. A smoothly working machine is the most efficient money-saving tool on the jobsite.”

For more information, visit vacall.com.

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Vactor 2100i

Vactor 2100i

Designed for professionals, the Vactor 2100i from Vactor Mfg. features improvements to operator comfort, control, and most importantly, simplicity. The IntuiTouch controls allow for simple and effortless, ergonomic operation by allowing the controls to rotate and adjust to match the operator’s height. This increases comfort by eliminating reaching or stooping to access levers or see information, which reduces strain and fatigue. When it comes to troubleshooting and diagnosis, this can all be done by utilizing the capabilities of the IntuiTouch system. The 2100i also seamlessly connects chassis operation and the Vactor module to increase reliability and product life. The Vactor 2100i is the longest lasting truck available built upon more than 50 years of experience and a focus on the customer.


When working on an easement a great way to lessen the burden on your body, would be to evacuate the water from the rodder hose prior to pulling it to your location. To conserve water, hook your rodder hose up to your recirculation port, turn off your water inlet valve to the Jet Rodder water pump, and turn on the Jet Rodder water pump. This will use the Jet Rodder pump to push air through the rodder hose returning the water back to the water tank. When the hose is empty, turn off the water pump, disconnect the hose from the recirc port and then pull the hose to the easement location.

For more information, visit vactor.com