Prime Horizontal Inc. Opens Its Doors in the USA

Prime Horizontal is a leader in the provision of HDD guidance services for intersects and difficult crossings and also provide drilling tools including mud motors, drill bits, reamers and hole openers, as well as the ParaTrack magnetic guidance system. In 2009, Prime Horizontal introduced ProData, a system for the real time graphical display and data transmission of drilling parameters at the drill site.

In 2010, Prime Horizontal expanded its market to the United States with its new operations manager, Luke Bender, headquartered in New Iberia, La. Bender has been involved in every aspect of the HDD process from field labor to project management to engineering, and finally to high level guidance services. He and his staff’s hands-on-experience combined with their technical knowledge base provide HDD customers with go-to men for the toughest of HDD projects, company officials say.

According to officials, the New Iberia-Broussard-Lafayette area has been a major center for oilfield service companies for decades. These service companies also provide resources for HDD tooling, technology and development, and Prime Horizontal and its customers are benefiting greatly from  proximity to such resources.

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