Premier Pipe Names Its 2009 CIPP Installation Crews of the Year

Each year, Premier Pipe USA chooses crews for local, regional and national recognition with the selection process involving a careful review of each installation crew’s performance, safety record and communication.

While Premier Pipe believes every CIPP installation crew is eligible for special awards, only a few select can be named CIPP Crew of the Year. For 2009, Premier Pipe has selected the following crews for the outstanding work they did during the past year:

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Michels Pipe Services-East Crew of the Year: Shawn Thorson (Supervisor), Jeff Dulong (Lead), Jim Diels (Lead), Scott Piotrzkowski, Matt Nicloy, Miguel Perez, Andre Smith, Jason Gubin, Jason Franck, Andrew Hill and Andy Kastein.  Additional support was provided by John Sutfin, Gary Schram, Rich Herzog, Doug Swanke and John Vermiglio.

Michels Pipe Services-West Crew of the Year:  Andy Thompson (Supervisor), Buck Haupt (Lead), Chris Karst, Victor Garlock, Jerrod Parker, Jose Martinez, Mike Eckland, Angel Posadas, and Steve Wade (Project Manager)

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AM-Liner East crew of the year: Hector Coto, Miguel Hernandez, Jaime Guardado, Tim Pumphrey, Luis Vasquez, Guadalupe Quintanilla and  Jose M. Martinez.

Insight Pipe Contracting Crew of the Year:  Aaron Boldly, Shane Thumma, Dean Young (Foreman), Bert Jones and Derick Kilgore.

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