Pipe Cleaning Products Showcase


The CUES lateral cleaning system (LCS) provides high-pressure cleaning power to open clogged service laterals from within the mainline pipe. The LCS is designed to operate in 8- to 15-in. diameter mainline sewer pipes, 8- to 15-in. diameter relined sewer pipes and 4- to 6-in.  diameter lateral pipes. A blunt-nose nozzle and two-position launch angles optimizes entry into the service lateral. For added versatility, the LCS can also transport your CUES camera through 8-in. diameter or larger pipe to view the service connection from the mainline during the operation.

Elgin Sweeper

Elgin Sweeper, a leader in environmentally efficient street sweepers, has introduced the Megawind combination leaf and debris vacuum and catch basin cleaner with an optional street sweeper system. The large, 12-in. leaf and debris hose system features an industry-exclusive articulated power boom with 180-degree rotation that is supported by a high-performance vacuum system and large-capacity debris body. 

Image Inspection Services Ltd.

Image Inspection Services Ltd. is a leader in the design, manufacture and service of quality remote electronic inspection and location equipment systems for pipes and sewers worldwide. Its new RR100 mini camera system is an ultra small and portable sewer inspection system with a crawler capable of fitting into pipe as small as 4 in. The pan and tilt head features remote focus, iris, auto upright picture and has a variety of adaptations up to 24 in. diameter.


Lansas is pleased to announce the release of its new single size test (SST) and single size blocking (SSB) plugs. The SST plugs can be used to block flow, bypass flow and air test your line. There is no need to purchase a separate conversion kit, because the test ports are built into the bypass plug.  


The Logiball lateral cleaning launcher is used to clean laterals from the mainline sewer. The CCTV is used to line up the launcher with the service lateral. The tractor controls are used for the CW and CCW rotation of the launching tube. Once positioned, the pump is turned on and the predetermined length of leader hose is launched into the lateral. Laterals have been cleaned up to 70 ft from the mainline connection. This tool has been used to remove roots, grease and other debris.

Miller Pipeline Corp.

WEKO-SEAL is a leading trenchless system for internally and economically renewing leaking joints in water, wastewater, natural gas and industrial piping 16 to 216 in. and larger. It’s a flexible rubber leak clamp that ensures a non-corrodible, bottle tight seal pipe-joint area. Its unique design incorporates a series of proprietary lip seals that create a leakproof fit on either side of the joint. Seals are installed internally with up to 2,000 ft between access points, WEKO-SEAL technology can be utilized in square, rectangular, round and elliptical pipe.  


The new Paikert cutter model SB-110 (Intruder) is a low-speed, high-torque impact cutter designed for those more severe root blockages. The Paikert cutter is available within 24-48 hours for rental. The Paikert cutter uses double root saw blades along with single hardened bits to remove thick heavy root growth. The Paikert cutter is available in sizes from 4 to 32 in. with the proper jetting machine.


PipeLogix, Inc., creators of flexidata pipe survey software, is pleased to announce the release of its latest module for flexidata — the 360 Module. The module is specially designed to work with the new scanning camera technology such as Panoramo and Panoramo SI in both pipe and manhole surveys. The 360 Module is available for flexidata Full, Lite and Manhole licenses.  However, the module operates differently and offers particular features, dependent upon the version of flexidata the user is operating.

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