New WJTA High Pressure Waterjetting Safety Video Available

wjta-imcaCreated for all industry professionals who use high pressure waterjetting equipment and system, “Industry Best Practices for Waterjetting,” the second edition of the WaterJet Technology Association’s (WJTA’s) widely used waterjetting safety video, is available now.


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The safety video is a visual companion to the association’s safety manual, “Industry Best Practices for the Use of High Pressure Waterjetting Equipment,” also known as the “Orange Book” and formerly published as the “Recommended Practices for the Use of High Pressure Waterjetting Equipment.”

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The 30-minute safety video is a valuable resource for new employee orientation and refresher training and covers both manual and robotic waterjetting systems and applications.

[columns ]

[column size=”1/2″]Topics include:

Waterjet Systems and General Components

Pressure and Flow

General Safety

Confined Spaces

Protective Gear

Team Coordination

[/column][column size=”1/2″]System Setup

Personal Responsibility and Safety Measures


Flex Lancing, Rigid Lancing, Moleing

Dump Valve Setup and Troubleshooting

Automated and Robotic Equipment

And More…[/column]


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Dedicated to promoting safety in the industry, WJTA has, throughout its history, continued its push for safe working practices. Since 1985, WJTA has published a recommended practices manual for operating waterjetting equipment, and in 2007 introduced a recommended practices manual for operating industrial vacuum equipment.

The companion videos were subsequently introduced to complement the manuals for

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training and education. Under the guidance of special committees consisting of contractors, manufacturers, educators, researchers, consultants, and plant and asset owners, the manuals are constantly being updated with new information and guidelines.

For more information, visit WJTA’s online store at wjta.org or call 314-241-1445.

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