NASSCO knows how many users and trainers it has instructed in its PipelineAssessment and Certification Program (PACP), but what it doesn’t know are theorganizations that require contractors to be certified in the training.

NASSCO is attempting to find out which cities, counties, sewer districts andother agencies require PACP certification, a standard for collecting TVinspection data.

The association estimates that more than 500 agencies require PACPcertification but has an incomplete list of those entities. The information willbe used to further develop and expand PACP training.

For any city agency or agency that requires PACP, NASSCO will give a freeone-year membership, or one-year membership extension.

To contact NASSCO about PACP, e-mail NASSCO Executive Director Irv Gamora, or to contact the agency call (410) 486-3500 or visit theassociation’s Web site at

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