Mortimer’s Travels: Where’s He Been?

Mortimer the Sewer Rat’s was busy this past fall, traveling with the Akkerman Mfg. staff to tradeshows far and wide.

In September, he accompanied vice president of sales and marketing Rob Tumbleson to the fifth annual Western Society for Trenchless Technology No-Dig Conference in Honolulu. While in town, he also went to the Kaneohe Bay Drive Trunk Sewer Reconstruction project, where contractor Frank Coluccio Construction performed some guide boring machine work for the City of Honolulu. A mere one week later, Mortimer was whisked away again to attend the 2009 Trenchless Australasia show in Melbourne, Australia, where he was reunited with long-time friend Dr. Samuel Ariaratnam.

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He stayed close to home for the holidays and enjoyed spending his free time on his new snowmobile.

You never know where Mortimer might show up next. Please check back for a complete accounting of Mortimer’s travels and also in an upcoming edition of Trenchless Technology or

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In spring 2009, Akkerman purchased the traveling sewer rat from the 2009 International No-Show in Toronto as part of the NASTT Education Auction. Mr. Rat originally hailed from the City of Reno, Nev., and first surfaced during the 2007 third annual Western Society for Trenchless Technology No-Dig Annual Conference. Glenn Boyce and the folks at Jacobs and Associates won him and he spent 2007 in Seattle. He then traveled to Grapevine, Texas, for No-Dig 2008, and was purchased by Pacific Boring and spent the year in Caruthers, Calif.

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