Mortimer’s Final Akkerman Travels

Mortimer’s been enjoying his remaining time with the folks at Akkerman. He recently went ice fishing for the first time at a local lake before our unseasonable warm up.

It’s a good thing that Mortimer knows his way around a deep sewer system. He visited Akkerman’s customer Lametti & Sons Inc. in Victoria, Minn., at the Victoria Interceptor Sewer Tunnels Project. He got to hang out with their crew and walk their 566-ft ring-beam and lagging tunnel, which spanned between a 90 ft launch shaft and 150-ft reception shaft.

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In mid April he traveled to Daytona, Fla., to meet with area sales manager, Troy Stokes. Originally they intended to visit a jobsite, but it unfortunately experienced delays so Stokes figured: “‘Ol Morty could do with a bit of R&R instead.” He wrapped up his visit in Florida with excursions to the Daytona Speedway and Daytona Beach before his return to Minnesota.

As a final Minnesota hurrah, he hopes to attend a Twins game at the new Target Field to gnaw on some dome dogs.

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In spring 2009, Akkerman purchased the traveling sewer rat from the 2009 International No-Dig Show’s North American Society for Trenchless Technology’s (NASTT) Education Auction. Mr. Rat originally hailed from the City of Reno, Nev., and first surfaced during the 2007 third annual Western Society for Trenchless Technology No-Dig Annual Conference. Glenn Boyce and the folks at Jacobs and Associates won him and he spent 2007 in Seattle. He then traveled to Grapevine, Texas, for No-Dig 2008, was purchased by Pacific Boring and spent the year in Caruthers, Calif.

Mortimer is ready for new adventures. He was offered up once again for the Education Auction at the No-Dig Show in Chicago, where he was bought by Dan Liotti, Midwest Mole, and Ray Post, Michels Corp. The Akkerman team truly enjoyed its time with Mortimer and wishes him the very best!

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