Super Products Camel 122 WWETT 2016

Super Products Camel 1200 12-yd sewer cleaner at WWETT 2016.


Michels Pipe Services has added a cost-effective, environmentally sound approach to sewer and catch basin cleaning in the Midwest. The service augments Michels’ comprehensive water and sewer maintenance and rehabilitation services throughout the nation.

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Michels recently purchased eight Camel 1200 wastewater recycling sewer and catch basin cleaning trucks to become the largest owner of the advanced equipment in the United States. John Manijak, business development manager, will use more than 17 years of experience in the municipal sewer cleaning industry, including about a year at Michels, to coordinate the expanded services from Michels’ regional office in Montgomery, Ill. Manijak’s extensive experience includes office and field management which he combines to provide customers with optimal solutions.

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John Manijak Michels


Unlike traditional cleaning systems that require substantial amounts of fresh water, these cutting-edge vehicles use a unique onboard wastewater recycling technology. The truck’s 1,500-gal. water tank is filled once, and the wastewater collected throughout the day is continuously cleaned and reused for jetting as it removes accumulated sediment, trash and debris from sewers and catch basins. The system allows Michels technicians and trucks to continuously perform thorough high-pressure cleaning rather than repeatedly stop and mobilize for untimely water refills. The result is more time spent performing necessary services and less water discharged into sewer systems.

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“We are pleased to offer our customers high quality and top value with effective cleaning and substantial savings of water, time and money,” said Pat Herzog, Michels Pipe Services Vice President.

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Michels cleans sewers and catch basins on a preventive maintenance and emergency basis. For more information about this new offering, contact Manijak at 630-423-0809 or