Madewell Products

Madewell Products Initiates Advisory Council

With an eye on responsible growth, Madewell Products Corp. has created the Madewell Advisory Council comprised of five executives from its nationwide network of certified applicators.

This proactive and progressive move signals to infrastructure owners, specifying engineers, and utility contractors demand for the Mainstay-branded products is on the rise.

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For nearly 40 years, Madewell dedicated itself to one thing—researching, developing, and producing a breed of restoration mortars and corrosion resistant epoxy topcoats for structurally enhancing and protecting concrete surfaces.

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Capitalizing on its Mainstay Composite Liner process acquired from US Steel in 1971, much of Madewell’s strength and market appeal is derived from its execution arm — the certified applicators. These independent organizations are equipped, trained, and supported by Madewell Tech Services team.

Mainstay-branded products are growing in volume, value and share of market. In the last year, Madewell leadership made a wealth of management decisions and capital investments across the full spectrum of the business.  Now with the advisory council’s strategic contribution, decisions will be made as a unified force, with high confidence, and at the speed of business.

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Invitations to serve on the Madewell Advisory Council were issued on June 1 and, all five accepted to give time and energy to the greater good of Madewell.

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Madewell Advisory Council

  • David Ventresca, Advantage Manhole & Concrete – Maryland, Louisiana and Texas

  • Chris Culy, Culy Contracting – Indiana and Tennessee

  • James Fleming, National Water Main – Massachusetts and Florida

  • David Reaves, Prism Contractors & Engineers – Virginia

  • Horacio Franco, H&R Underground – California

With excellent geographic disbursement throughout North America, the Madewell Advisory Council provides a nationwide brain trust, sounding board, and source of strategic input to grow partnerships and fuel mutual, responsible growth for the coming years.

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SOURCE – Madewell Products Corp..

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