IFAT 2005: Draws More than 108,000 Attendees

Newprojects, technologies and services were the focus of visitor interest at IFAT,the leading international trade fair for waste disposal and the environment thatwas held April 25-29 in Munich.

More than 108,000 industry experts — 10percent more than in 2002 — from 166 countries, and especially from Central andEastern Europe, the Near East, the Middle East, Asia, North America and SouthAmerica, gathered information at IFAT 2005. The fair also had a record number ofexhibitors, i.e. a total of 2,223 companies from 36 countries. They presentedthe latest trends and product innovations in the sectors for water, sewage,solid waste and recycling. The number of business transactions and sales made atthe fair were also high.

“The exhibitors and trade visitors at thisyear’s fair all agree: For anyone in this industry who wants to do business,expand networks and receive orders at the international level, the internationaltrade fair IFAT is an absolute must. Every three years it is a strong source ofimpetus for the environmental and waste-removal industry,” said Detlev R.Gantenberg, managing director of Munich International Trade Fairs. His view wasshared by Walter Behking, head of sales for public utility vehicles, at MANNutzfahrzeuge AG, Germany: “We were surprised by the large number of salestransactions at the fair and we expect post-fair business to be good. We managedto acquire several new customers, particularly from EasternEurope.”

High-ranking politicians from Egypt, Brazil, China, Iran, Japan,Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Central and Eastern Europe gathered information atIFAT. By attending the fair at the invitation of Dr. Werner Schnappauf, Bavarianminister of the environment, they have clearly demonstrated that IFAT is aninternational leader as a platform for the transfer of technology and theexchange of know how. In doing so, IFAT has strengthened its position as aworld’s trade fair, organizers say.

Among the trenchless companies thatparticipated included BKP Berolina Polyester GmbH & Co. KG, BodenbenderGmbH, Brawoliner Karl Otto Braun KG, CUES Europa, Easy Liner GmbH, egeplastWerner Strumann GmbH & Co., epros GmbH, Hachler AG Umwelttechnik, HansBrochier GmbH, Hobas Rohre GmbH, IBAK, Insituform Rohrsanierungs GmbH, iPEKKessler GmbH, IPEX, KA-TE System AG, Meyer Rohr & Schacht GmbH, NaylorDrainage, RibLoc, Saertex Multicom GmbH, Sarotec GmbH, Tracto-Technik, TroliningGmbH, Wavin GmbH and WIRTH GmbH.

Giving the even higher marks than in2002, the visitors at IFAT 2005 praised the scope and completeness of the rangeof exhibits (rating of “good to excellent” from 93 percent), as well as thepresence of market leaders (93 percent) and the fair’s character as a leadingevent for this sector (90 percent). Those were the results of a survey conductedby the independent market-search institute TNS Infratest.

Exhibitors gaveIFAT 2005 an exceptionally high overall rating (good to excellent from 95percent). The exhibitors were also positive about IFAT’s leadership role and itscharacter as a leading event (94 percent), as well as the quality (93 percent)and international share (92 percent) of its visitors.

Attendance washigh at the many events in the accompanying program on scientific, technical,political and international topics that attracted some 9,000 participants.

China Day, which was held under the auspices of Dr. Schnappauf and theJapan Special were particularly attractive. Once again the DWA’s internationalsymposium on water, sewage and waste was held in conjunction with the fair. Andeverything at “Gateway to New Europe” revolved around markets in Central andEastern Europe. The joint exhibit with several exhibitors from the sectors forforeign trade, financing and promoting economic development and more than 40lectures on environmental projects in Central and Eastern Europe were wellreceived.

Asia’s response to the successful concept of the internationaltrade fair for waste disposal and the environment has also been very positive.June 2006 marks the second time that Munich International Trade Fairs will holdthe International Trade Fair for Environmental Protection. IFAT CHINA, whichwill be held in Shanghai from June 27-30, 2006, is an outstanding networkplatform where international and Chinese companies can initiate business andmake contacts. It gives foreign and Chinese exhibitors an opportunity to presenttheir products and services to trade visitors in the rapidly growing Chinesemarket and to an international audience of trade representatives.

Thenext IFAT will be held in Munich from May 5-9, 2008.

Trenchless Conference Held in Poland

Thefirst international and fourth national conference on “New Materials, Devicesand No-Dig Technology in Water Supply and Sewage Systems” took place in Kielce,Poland, on April 6-8.

The conference was accompanied by an exhibition, atwhich companies could present their products and services. The Scientific andTechnical Committee consisted of 16 Polish and foreign professors and sixrenowned specialists in trenchless technology. The 170 participants from Polandand abroad took part in conference proceedings, as well as live shows. Manyinternationally recognized speakers presented their papers, including Prof. RaySterling (United States), Rolf Bielecki (Germany), Prof. Milos Karous (CzechRepublic), Jon Boon (United Kingdom), Wim Elzink (The Netherlands) and Sun-KueiWang (Taiwan).

There were 49 papers presented during the conference intwo lecture rooms. Polish-English simultaneous translation was available at theproceedings and discussions. The presented papers have been published in ascientific book by Kielce University of Technology.

The chairman of theConference was Prof. Andrzej Kuliczkowski, who is also chairman of the PolishFoundation for Trenchless Technology (PFTT) and a professor at Kielce Universityof Technology. The next conference and exhibition is scheduled to take place inApril 2006. In case of inquires, send an e-mail to orman@tu.kielce.pl.

German Factory Orders Dropped in April

Factoryorders in Germany, Europe’s largest economy, dropped more than expected inApril, adding to signs of an economic slowdown in the euro region, according toan article on Bloomberg.com.

Orders fell for the third month in four,falling 2.9 percent from March, the Economy and Labor Ministry in Berlinrecently said in a press release. Economists expected a 0.8 percent decline,after gaining 2.1 percent in the previous month, the median of 44 forecasts, aBloomberg survey showed.

Oil prices above $50 per barrel, near-recordGerman joblessness and slowing growth abroad are undercutting businessconfidence. Manufacturing in the euro region is contracting, an industry surveyrecently showed.

“Overall, underlying market demand remained sluggish,’’said NTC Research Ltd., which compiled the report.

The European CentralBank and the European Commission cut their economic growth outlook recently forthe 12 countries sharing the euro. The ECB is now forecasting growth of just 1.4percent this year.

With the Organization for Economic Cooperation andDevelopment predicting slower global growth, the German economy may no longer beable to rely solely on exports this year. Faltering foreign orders were to blamefor most of this month’s drop in orders. Demand from abroad fell 5.2 percent,the biggest decline in 10 months, compared with a 0.6 percent slide in domesticorders, according to the report.

“This is a disappointing number,’’ saidUlrich Ramm, chief economist at Commerzbank AG in Frankfurt which forecast a 0.5percent drop. “It underlines the stagnation and weakness that we have in Germanyright now.’’

German business confidence fell to a 21-month low lastmonth, the Ifo institute in Munich said May 25, and investor confidence hit asix-month low, according the ZEW in Mannheim. Manufacturing in the euro regionshrank the most in almost two years in May, according to a survey of purchasingmanagers by NTC Research published on June 1.

Wavin Group Responds to the Asian Disaster

TheWavin Group, headquartered in Zoelle, Netherlands, has pledged an amount of50,000 euro ($65,000 USD) to support the relief efforts in the Asian regiondevastated by the December tsunamis. Of that amount, 25,000 euro ($33,000 USD)will be donated to Giro 555, the account of Collaborating Charity Organizationsin the Netherlands (among them the Red Cross, UNICEF, Medecins sans Frontieresand Novib (Oxfam). The balance of 25,000 euro will be reserved for a donation ofproducts needed for rebuilding the affected areas.
“Our deepest sympathy goesto all those who have been affected by the tragic events in Asia,” Wavin Groupofficials said in a press release.

Underground Solutions Enters Hong KongMarket
Underground Solutions Inc. (Pink Sheets: “UGSI”) recentlyannounced that the company has formed Kin Shing Pipeworks (International) Co.Ltd. as a jointly owned infrastructure rehabilitation company with Kin Shing(Hong Kong) Construction Co. Ltd.

Kin Shing Pipeworks (International) Co.Ltd. will be the exclusive licensee for Underground Solutions’ proprietaryDuraliner and Fusible PVC water line rehabilitation and replacement technologythroughout the Hong Special Administration Region (“HKSAP”) andMacau.

The Hong Kong Water & Sewer Department (WSD) has earmarkedspending $1.2 billion USD to rehabilitate the region’s deteriorated waterinfrastructure over the next 10 years. It is the goal of the WSD to accomplishas much of this piping rehabilitation as possible utilizing trenchlesstechnology.

Underground Solutions and Kin Shing Construction (Hong Kong)jointly presented a technical presentation and demonstration of Duraliner andFusible PVC to the Hong Kong WSD officials and a group of approximately 55 localengineers, consultants and utility contractors. The presentation was held at theRoyal Plaza Hotel in Mongkok, Kowloon Hong Kong.

Mark Smith, UndergroundSolutions president and CEO stated, “Our participation as a shareholder in KinShing Pipeworks [International] Company Limited along with a strong localpartner such as Kin Shing [Hong Kong] Construction Company Limited provides uswith a strong presence within the vibrant Asian infrastructuremarket.”

Underground Solutions is a full service infrastructuremanagement and trenchless pipeline rehabilitation company. The company hasdeveloped and continues to develop proprietary technologies focused exclusivelyon the underground infrastructure industry. Underground Solution productsdeveloped and successfully introduced into the market to date include Duraliner,Fusible C-900, Fusible C-905 and Fusible PVC.

Fusible C-900, FusibleC-905 and Fusible PVC are NSF-61 certified and cover a full range of pipingdiameters from 3- to 48-in. to provide the installation of a
continuous,monolithic, gasket-free PVC pipe or conduit capable of being used in numeroustrenchless (no-dig) or conventional “open- cut” applications. Applications forthis revolutionary technology cover every aspect of piping installations,including both pressure and non-pressure situations in the water, sewer,electrical, industrial and telecommunications industries.

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