Insituform Division Awarded $6 Million in Contracts to Install the Tite Liner System in South American Mine

Insituform Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq Global Select Market: INSU) has announced that United Sistema de Tuberias Limitada, a Chilean subsidiary of its United Pipeline Systems division, has been awarded two contracts valued at approximately $6 million (US) to install its Tite Liner System in pipelines for Minera El Abra in Calama, Chile.

The Tite Liner System is a high-density polyethylene liner designed to resist internal abrasion and corrosion in pipelines.

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The liner is being used to internally protect a new 42-in. diameter pipeline from highly corrosive sulfuric acid raffinate as part of the $600 million “Sulfolix” expansion project. The pipeline will be nearly 25,000 ft long, and United’s onsite installation will take place in extremely challenging high desert conditions. The El Abra copper mine is located at approximately 13,000 ft above sea level where cold temperatures and high winds are prevalent. Work on the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2010.

United Pipeline Systems began providing global pipeline protection in 1985, and has installed over 100,000 ft of Tite Liner at the El Abra mine near Calama since 1995.

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Dorwin Hawn, Insituform’s Senior Vice President, Energy and Mining, said, “United Pipeline Systems has successfully installed pipeline in challenging environments throughout South America for nearly 20 years. Our General Manager, Sr. Roberto Ogarrio, and his team are prepared to meet the challenges of installing Tite Liner for the Minera El Abra project as part of Insituform’s continuing global pipeline protection efforts.”

About United Pipeline Systems

United Pipeline Systems is a global leader in providing high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lining systems for internal pipeline protection. United has constructed and internally lined more than 13,000 km (8,000 miles) of pipelines on six continents since 1985. United developed the Tite Liner System, which protects steel pipelines from a variety of chemicals and abrasives through a broad range of temperatures and pressures.

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About Insituform

Insituform Technologies Inc. is a global leader in pipeline protection. Insituform provides proprietary technologies and services for rehabilitating sewer, water, energy and mining piping systems and the corrosion protection of industrial pipelines.

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