IPC and Laney Logos

Innovative Pipeline Crossings, Laney Group Form Strategic Alliance

IPC and Laney LogosInnovative Pipeline Crossings Inc. (IPC) and Laney Group Inc. have signed a teaming agreement, under which they will cooperatively pursue projects that require a combination of their services and expertise.

Alberta, Canada-based IPC, a Bothar Group Co., provides Direct Pipe, auger boring, pipe jacking and microtunneling solutions throughout Canada. Texas-based Laney provides an integrated suite of engineering, HDD, Direct Pipe and project management solutions internationally. Laney and IPC will strategically augment each other’s existing capabilities in their respective markets.

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“A trustful relationship between the senior management of both entities will allow for a successful future in this alliance,” said Peter Hennig, CEO of IPC. “I’m very excited for both of our companies and our employees. New opportunities, paired with each of our experiences and available resources, will open up the path to exciting new horizons.”

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Laney has a long history and is an established leader in HDD and Direct Pipe installations internationally. As part of a recent management change and a industry acquisition, Laney now delivers integrated engineering, procurement, construction and project management solutions to serve clients worldwide.

“First and foremost, IPC and Bothar are both world-class companies led by world-class leaders. We are thrilled to be partnering with IPC to be able to deliver a comprehensive suite of trenchless solutions to our international clients in a world-class manner,” said Todd Miller, Laney Group CEO. “We look forward to the next steps.”

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With a proven track record of successful projects, IPC is currently one of the largest Direct Pipe contractors in Canada. Notable accomplishments include simultaneous Direct Pipe operations in British Columbia and Ontario in 2017 and a performance world record for drilling 218 m in 24 hours.

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IPC was acquired by the Bothar Group of Companies in November 2018, one of the largest microtunneling contractors in the world. Since the acquisition, IPC has been expanding its range of operations into other disciplines such as auger boring, pipe jacking and microtunneling.

This cooperation agreement allows both companies to collaborate on a full range of trenchless installation technologies and solutions in North America and internationally. Combined technical experience, access to specialized equipment and utilization of engineering knowledge and experience will enable both parties to provide the best technical and most cost-effective solutions to clients across the range of trenchless solutions.

SOURCE – Laney Group