The next several years will be years of rebuilding America’s infrastructure. Federal, state, and local governments are all getting involved. With that in mind, Infrastructure Product Group (IPG) announced that it is the exclusive global distributor of Spiral Wound Liner™, manufactured by Spiral Wound Liner.

Spiral Wound Liner™ is a rigid PVC culvert pipe liner that is “spun” through the pipe on site using a hydraulic feeder and cage system. This method, rather than sliplining a large segment of pipe, allows for completion in the existing right of way of the road, with less exposure to buried utilities, no infringement on private land and minimal traffic disruption. Also, since the new PVC pipe is constructed on site at the pipe inlet, the spiral wound method can be successfully accomplished in difficult and hard to reach areas such as extreme grades, wet and/or wooded areas and high traffic sites.

The Spiral Wound Liner™ lining process can effectively be done with up to 30 percent water flow, so there is no need for diverting of water for a completely dry host pipe. Spiral Wound Liner does not depend on the host pipe whatsoever, so extremely deteriorated pipes that previously may not have been candidates for trenchless rehabilitation can relined. The Spiral Wound Liner™ and accompanying annular space grouting through and through, provide a completely new pipe structure separate from the old host pipe, with little to no negative, and in many cases a positive, effect on hydraulic flow.

The Spiral Wound Liner™ PVC profile has been successfully installed in the state of Iowa for more than 25 years. First, as a sliplined product, and then using the spiral wound method for the past 15 years. Spiral Wound Liner™ installers have done ample work in Van Buren, Lee, Jefferson, Marion, Clinton, Washington and Davis counties, as well as across the State of Iowa, with literally hundreds and hundreds of successful pipe rehabilitations. Spiral Wound Liner™ is an efficient, cost-effective go-to solution for County Engineers, for the obvious purpose of rehabilitating compromised culverts, but also in preparation for road repaving projects. Spiral Wound Liners™ have saved customers crucial time and money within their budgets.

“We at Infrastructure Product Group would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about becoming a partner installer with Spiral Wound Liner™ and IPG, anywhere in the United States and beyond,” says Matt Murphy, regional sales director, Infrastructure Product Group. “Also, if you are a county, city, municipality or state engineer, please give us a call or email about your upcoming project. We would be honored to work with you and offer the very best, longest lasting, and most efficient, culvert pipe rehabilitation on the market today.”

For more information about Spiral Wound Liner™, visit or email [email protected]. Those interested in learning more can also call Steve Dunlap at 417-598-9455 or Murphy at 417-848-1658.