The largest environmental trade show in the world — IFAT — was held May 5-9 in Munich, Germany, attracting nearly 2,600 exhibitors and 120,000 attendees — up 15 and 10 percent, respectively. And the trenchless technology community was well represented at this important and popular triennial show.
“IFAT is the gathering place for Europe for the wastewater industry. Our target is to meet pump users and engineers. IFAT 2008 has proven that this is the right place. The visitor quality here at IFAT 2008 is excellent,” said Bryan Gassler, marketing specialist for Godwin Pumps.

During the course of IFAT 2008, more than 120,000 trade visitors from 163 countries came to the event, of which more than 40,000 were from outside Germany. Considering that there was an overall rise of 10 percent in visitor numbers this time, this means the increase in visitors from abroad is disproportionately higher, at almost 18 percent. Foreign visitors make up over one third of the total number of visitors.
IFAT is a popular and key international show for the trenchless technology and wastewater rehabilitation industries, as key players take the opportunity at this massive environmental show to spread the message of the benefits of trenchless technology.

Held at the Munich Trade Fair Center, the trade fair site is organized into 12 enormous exhibition halls, plus a tremendous amount of outdoor space. For the trenchless technology and wastewater rehabilitation contingent, the focal points were Halls A6 and B5 and B6. Here, many trenchless companies set up shop to display products.

The extensive range of exhibits at IFAT included components for water collection and distribution, as well as transportation and sewer systems, i.e. pipes, wells, ducts, pumps, lifting equipment and fittings. Exhibits will also include the latest developments for pipe-laying and sewer systems, sewer inspection and repair, control and analysis technology and process-control technology.

“Here at IFAT 2008 we had the biggest stand we have ever had since taking part in environmental trade fairs. Because we have learned that investing in IFAT is precisely the right thing to do. The goal of coming here was primarily to create a platform at which our retailers from 58 different countries could present our products. But direct sales also rounded off the success. The high international scope of the fair was noteworthy, on both exhibitor and visitor sides,” said Manfred Baral, iPEK SPEZIAL TV managing director.
One of the highlights at IFAT was also the Accompanying Programme, which featured the forums on ‘Water and Sewage’ and ‘Waste Treatment,’ and the 14th European Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste Symposium, which attracted 1,500 participants.

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