JJ Kane ICUEE 2015

ICUEE Day Three: A Trenchless Technology Recap

ICUEE 2015 Auction

The final day of ICUEE 2015 included a benefit auction for Call of Duty Endowment at the ICUEE Demo Stage Presented by Benjamin Media.

The final day of ICUEE brought to a close an incredibly busy few days for Trenchless Technology! We saw some really awesome stuff during the show as we made our way around the exhibits, inside and outside. On Thursday, we were able to stop by several trenchless exhibitors and get the lowdown on their latest product offerings. We saw some pretty cool stuff!

The final day of any tradeshow is always a bit quieter, with the fewest number of attendees walking through. 2015 overall saw a record-number of attendees take in the ICUEE show – more than 18,000 – resulting in the largest ICUEE show ever, according to Pat Monroe, public relations manager for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), which owns the ICUEE show.

Here is a bit of what we saw on Thursday:

Toro DD4050 ICUEE 2015

ICUEE 2015 marked the debut of The Toro Co.’s new DD4050 HDD, which offers 5,000 ft-lb of torque

Toro Unveils New HDD Drill

Toro joined the HDD market a few years back when it purchased Astec Underground’s drill line. Since that time, they’ve added some rigs and this year, unveiled the successor to its DD4045 – the DD4050.

The HDD unit offers a number of new features to complement the existing HDD product line, including increased rotary torque, re-styled guarding around the stake-down area, and a software upgrade to Toro Drill Operating System, or TDOS 1.

The innovative DD4050 offers 5,000 ft-lb of torque for improved performance in challenging conditions. The additional torque can aid in the boring process through tough terrain, including hard rock drilling applications. The operator can control and monitor all functions of the drill head from the integrated LCD display, all in the same small footprint that contractors have come to appreciate.

Additional features found on the all-new DD4050 include re-styled guarding around the stake-down area. In addition to providing a better vantage point to the pipe entry area, the operator will also appreciate the improved overall visibility from the well-appointed operator’s station. Another key feature integrated into the DD4050 is the software upgrade to TDOS 1, which provides streamlined drill controls for increased load/unload cycle speed. This functionality, coupled with improved navigation and the ability to monitor drill idle time and total engine hours, is designed to deliver increased operator productivity.

The DD4050 will be available for purchase starting in the first quarter of 2016.

American Augers Electric Blue ICUEE 2015

The Electric Blue has 58,000 ft-lbs of torque and 250 tons of thrust.

American Augers Showcases Auger Boring, Mud Systems and a Big Drill

American Augers came big to the ICUEE show, unveiling several new pieces of trenchless equipment. In fact, almost everything at the American Augers booth was new.

American Augers DD110 ICUEE 2015

We’re told the most popular item at American Augers ICUEE 2015 booth was the DD110 directional drill. Show hear with a Radius HDD reamer.

We started the day with its Electric Blue electric auger boring machine. American Augers purchased this industry-first from Sharewell at the end of 2014 and since then has made some tweaks and reworked parts of it, debuting the rebranded machine at ICUEE.

This machine’s electrical power means zero emissions from the boring machine and up to 75 percent fuel savings over traditionally powered machines. The combo saddle is equipped with multiple inserts to accommodate a variety of casing sizes and its patent pending design uses the full face for pushing, allowing for better visibility and more accurate steering.

The Electric Blue has 58,000 ft-lbs of torque and 250 tons of thrust. It has a standard 42-in. barrel with other sizes available and includes 9-ft main rail and two 10-ft extension rails. The rails’ unique flotation system helps eliminate the need for steel plates, plywood or other supports.

Also learned that to date, all of American Augers traditional auger boring machines – diameters of 24 to 72 in. – are now Tier IV final.

We were told that the most popular item at the booth was the DD110 directional drill. With 110,000 lbs of thrust/pullback, this rig is perfect for utility and pipeline work – making it a big attraction for the HDD contractors at ICUEE. Key elements of the machine include sound – meaning it is super quiet – ease of use and operator comforts. It has 15,000 lbs of rotary torque and new radial piston rotary and thrust motors for powering through the toughest formations. The DD110 is Tier IV final.

American Augers ICUEE 2015 Mud System

On display at ICUEE 2015 is the American Augers The M-500PD with Derrick shakers.

American Augers also brought two new mud systems: M-200D and the M-500PD. Among the cool features of these systems is that they each feature Derrick Shakers. American Augers talked with its customers and was told that they wanted these shakers on a mud system. Taking that feedback, the company listened and have included them in these new offerings.

The M-200D carries a Derrick 503 Shaker and a Derrick Shaker Pyramid Screen, giving it up 68 percent larger screen surface to remove more solids from the fluid. Its cleaning capacity is 200 gpm. The M-500PD is a self-contained fluid system and includes the Derrick Pyramid and Pyramid plus screen technology, as well as Super G vibrating motors. The system has a 500-gpm cleaning capacity.

Akkerman casing attachment ICUEE 2015

The Akkerman high torque casing attachment at ICUEE 2015

Akkerman Adds High Torque Casing Attachment to Lineup

Akkerman displayed a few new pieces of technology at the show, aimed at making its GBM machines even better.

The High Torque Casing Attachment is for Akkerman’s 4800 series GBMs, allowing contractors to convert to auger boring machines. The 4800 Series Jacking Frame with the new High Torque Casing Adapter (HTCA) has a 36-in. auger boring master ring. This combination provides a maximum output torque of 100,000 ft-lbs for auger boring applications. The master ring is positioned between the thrust block and lead casing to adapt to 36-in. casing while the dirt paddles handle the spoil volume.

Akkerman Prototype ICUEE 2015

The Akkerman Drill Head Adapter, which is technically still in its R&D process was on display at ICUEE 2015.

Also, on display was its Drill Head Adapter, which is technically still in its R&D process. Also new for Akkerman at the show is its Akkerman Drill Head Adapter assembly. Guided Boring Machine (GBM) systems have been used to assist contractors with accurate and extended drives for nearly 15 years.

Along the way, Akkerman has developed a series of tooling for a range of geology and upsizing processes to help facilitate longer runs and increase production rates. The variety of project applications seemed limitless, however, when faced with non-displaceable/rock conditions; guided auger boring became unfeasible — until now.

Akkerman distributes these HammerHead-made and branded TriHawk drilling heads. In order to be compatible with the its GBMs, Akkerman manufactured an assembly that will enable them to be used on the machines. There are five different heads available for use in rock applications.

And that’s a wrap from ICUEE 2015. We hope that we see you, our loyal readers, again at the next ICUEE show in 2017. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Twitter @TrenchlessTech for the latest news in the trenchless industry.

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