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How to Stay Downhole Longer & Punch Out Faster

On Point HDD

Using EM Telemetry “Wireless Wireline” to boost directional drilling project efficiency

Most “wireline” tracking systems on the market today still require wire to be used inside the drill pipe. These systems cause multiple trip-outs to repair broken wire inside the pipe, and often times a loss of hole during the trip-backs. These tracking systems are extremely inefficient and as antiquated in wireline operation as the first tracking system of the 1980’s.

The Tesla Tracker directional drilling system from On Point HDD is a “Wireless Wireline” all-in-one tracking suite bringing the HDD industry to a new level of modern-day performance and efficiency using Oil-n-Gas MWD technology.

Tesla Tracker’s MWD system uses EM Telemetry technology to send the directional data from the “probe” to the surface, and not a wire inside the drill pipe…… making tripping out multiple times for broken wire a thing of the past.

Using Tesla Tracker’s EM Telemetry “Wireless Wireline” the drilling contractor saves on labor costs by removing the 2 laborers typically needed to run wire inside the drill pipe. Additional faster drilling rates result from not having to wait several minutes per drill rod just to add a wire.

The MWD EM Telemetry system is a bi-directional communication system. This is the first time in HDD that a user can actually communicate with the downhole steering system and make changes to the performance on-the-fly. This feature is a major advancement for HDD by enabling the driller to adjust the steering system to best match the current drilling conditions while the conditions change.

Tesla Tracker further increases efficiency by providing to the driller real time information about downhole conditions directly at the BHA, such as drill pipe RPM and PSI.

The MWD system can provide actual drill pipe RPM at the BHA to help identify “rod wrap”. Mud pump pressures can be read from downhole at the BHA providing the driller an accurate PSI downhole (where it matters) for head pressure and properly powering the mud motor.

Tesla Tracker also features an industry first DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE function, calculating the differential mud pressure for the driller and displaying it on the drillers monitor.

Tesla Tracker MWD EM Telemetry means no downhole wire, faster add-a-rod times, lower labor costs, modern downhole data, and less tripping out. All of this comes together enabling the HDD drilling contractor to……… Stay Downhole Longer & Punch Out Faster.

For more information about On Point HDD and Tesla Tracker, visit https://www.onpointhdd.miami/

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