How to: FAQs in the Field

Training is over. Our new Certified Installer is ready to take their system out into the field and start lining pipe. For us, this is where the real work begins. The continued support of our clients is the largest part of what we do as Technical Services Managers and is by far the most complex. There is no possible way to teach everything in a one-week training course. There will be questions, and these are two that we hear a lot.

1. What pressure is required to install and cure my liner?

Because there are so many different liners, there simply is not one answer. There are also multiple inversion devices, job constraints, and pipe configurations. Your provider can always provide you with the recommended pressures (and the ones to avoid,) but the honest answer is that we’re just getting you “in the zip code.” For every liner you install for the rest of the time you are in this business, you’re going to have to dial in your specific “address” on your own.

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2. Can I use more or less hardener to change the pot life/cure time of my resin?

Hard No! Can you speed it up or slow it down a little by slightly over- or under-pouring your hardener into your base? Sure. But that does not make it right, and beyond a certain level, you will get a mix that does not cure at all. The chemists have spent a lot of hours formulating these products to not only give you a measurable working time and then cure in a defined amount of time, but they have also worked very hard to ensure that these formulations – and those specific ratios – produce finished physical properties that meet or exceed minimum standards.

James Kicklighter is technical services manager at MaxLiner. | 877-426-5948 |

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