Geospatial to Map Underground Pipelines for the University of Mississippi

Geospatial Holdings Inc. recently announced that it has entered into a contract with the University of Mississippi to provide utility mapping services to accurately map more than six miles of underground pipeline and manage this data on Geospatial’s proprietary GeoUnderground Web-based GIS Portal. Work on this contract is scheduled to begin immediately.

Geospatial CEO Mark A. Smith stated, “This opportunity to work with Ole Miss is hopefully the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship. We believe that this is a perfect example of Geospatial continuing to mature from a ‘service provider’ to a ‘solutions provider’ where Geospatial provides proprietary long-term system management solutions to our clients.”

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Geospatial Holdings Inc. uses proprietary technologies to determine the accurate location and position of underground pipelines, conduits and other underground infrastructure data allowing Geospatial to create accurate 3D digital maps and models of all underground infrastructure.

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