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Geospatial Holdings Inc. (OTCBB: GSPH), a developer and producer of technologies and services for managing underground pipeline assets, is spotlighted in an article on titled, “Pentagon-Backed Venture Aims for ‘Google Underground.’”

Wired writer Katie Drummond reports “Just last month, the Pentagon’s risk-taking research arm, DARPA, announced plans for a program called ‘Transparent Earth.’ They’re spending $4 million this year on preliminary plans for a digital, 3D map that would display “the physical, chemical and dynamic properties of the earth down to 5 km depth.” Drummond points out that Geospatial Corp. is already doing this. She notes, “the company’s growing library of data has caught the military’s eye. The Pentagon has already contracted Geospatial to create 3D maps of the deep earth beneath their ‘critical facilities.’ The data would be useful in case of terrorist attack, natural disaster, or, of course, a power outage or sewage leak.”

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Drummond continues, “Little surprise, then, that homeland security firms are also interested. Geospatial announced a partnership today with Ridge Global, a firm founded by former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, which “provides strategic and operational services that advance the security and economic interests of businesses and governments worldwide.”

The story can be found in the “Danger Room: What’s Next in National Security” section of the Web site, at:

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