Flexible Pipe Tool, LLC announced in January its acquisition of Shamrock Pipe Tools Inc.

Shamrock has been helping municipal sewer service pros achieve results with high-precision tools for every type of pipe cleaning project for more than 25 years. In making the announcement, Flexible Pipe Tool president and COO Mark C. Goss said the company would continue to be operated independently out of its
Baton Rouge, La.- location and that all staff, existing dealers and representatives would remain unchanged.
With this acquisition, Shamrock now joins a family of companies that includes SRECO Flexible Inc., another long-term industry leader and innovator in the manufacturing of equipment and tools for the maintenance and inspection of wastewater collection systems.

Shamrock general manager Michael O’Leary has been promoted to the position of president of Shamrock Pipe Tools and will also be assuming management responsibilities for SRECO’s Lima, Ohio, plant. O’Leary expressed excitement regarding the new alliance as well. “What we have now are two very strong companies with a long-term history of designing and manufacturing quality-built and engineered tools and equipment for our industry,” he said. “We are now positioned to leverage each other’s vast pool of creative talent to create and build two firms better suited than ever before to serve the needs of sewer cleaning professionals worldwide.”

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