Extending the Global Potential for Coil Pipe Trailers

In September, the eagerly anticipated HyPower 500 debuted at the No-Dig Live 2014. Demand drove the design of the HyPower 500 and interest prior to the unveiling had been extensive, following the exhibition it can only be described as unprecedented. Pipe Trailers Ltd., the designer and manufacturer of the HyPower 500, is urging potential purchasers to order now as delivery dates for 2014 are now limited.

The HyPower 500 is a revolutionary coil pipe trailer. This unique design not only transports and dispenses up to 500 m of 90-mm pipe but also pipe in all other sizes and wall thicknesses up to 125 mm. Pipe Trailers Ltd claims that the HyPower 500 is the trailer the industry has been waiting for because of its versatility, flexibility and safety features.

Remote-controlled, powered hydraulics keep the operator at a safe distance from the trailer during the setting up and dispensing of the pipe. The innovative hydraulic arm lifts and encloses the coil in one operation, eliminating the risk of the coil springing outside the confines of the trailer. The incorporated electric winch safely releases the end of the pipe eradicating the need for operators to place hands inside the trailer to perform a manual release. The HyPower 500 has been developed so as to design out the risks and build in the safety to the coil pipe handling operation.

The HyPower 500’s lifting mechanism means no pipe snagging and pipe jamming, unlike traditional trailers which use pipe end clamps and ratchet straps. Additionally, the auto-adjusting side rollers avoid pipe straying from the coil, even when too many bands have been cut, which not only prevents kinking and damage to the pipe but also the need to rotate the pipe by hand, saving both time and money.

The HyPower 500 is designed to be heavy duty but has a lightweight and robust sectional construction that can be towed by standard long wheel base vehicle.

Features of the HyPower 500 include:
• Innovative Tri-Arm design
• Dispenses coil lengths up to 500 m
• Tandem axle offering superior safety and stability compared to single axle trailers
• Ground level loading, dispensing and operation, therefore no requirement for operators to climb upon or place hands inside
• Electric hydraulics as opposed to labour intensive hand pumps
• Parts can be repaired or replaced quickly and effectively due to sectional construction
• Type-approved running gear and 12/24v LED lights.

The HyPower 500 also offers a range of operational benefits, aiding contractors, reducing the cost of ownership and improving safety:
• Can be towed using a standard long wheel base vehicle
• Sectional hydraulic hoses reduces repair times thereby maintaining productivity
• The Tri-Arm Assembly is lowered during transit to giving the trailer a height of less than 2.8 m, minimizing height associated road risks (including low bridges)
• Back-up manual hand pump
• A 12V, 3,000 lb Electric winch with powered in/out function enabling total control of dispensing pipe.

To ensure smooth and effective operation the HyPower 500 Hydraulic Power Pack comprises:
• 12 VDC Power unit
• 2.1cc/rev gear pump
• 1.6 kw, 12 VDC electric motor c/w relay and plastic motor cover
• 8.0 l Hydraulic oil tank c/w drain plug
• Power pack complete with suction strainer, return oil conveyor and filler breather
• Maximum operating pressure of 200 bar
• Maximum flow of 5 l/min
• 2 Button detachable remote control on a 4 metre lead
• A manual hand pump back up.

Additionally the hydraulic and electrical system is designed with:
• Flow divider to ensure an even lift and descent
• Hose burst valves in case of hose failure
• 12V, 200 A Battery with a battery cable rated at 240 A
• 175 A in line fuse to protect up to a 240 A draw
• Batter cut off/isolation switch
• A battery that can be trickled charged by the towing vehicle if vehicle is wired up to 13 pin specification

The HyPower 500 has been designed to accommodate overseas demand, once manufactured and tested, it can be disassembled and shipped as a ‘flat pack’ for ease of transport and delivery either to the distributor or direct to the client as necessary. Pipe Trailers Ltd and its approved distributors offer onsite and offsite support and training.

Pipe Trailers Ltd designs and manufactures in-house using a team with more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of coil pipe trailers. According to Pipe Trailers Ltd. Chairman Matt Bryant, “The design of the HyPower 500 has been based extensively on feedback from the industry and we have put great store into providing the wide safety features and handling qualities that have been asked for by site operators. Safety has been at the forefront of the design throughout the development phase. The HyPower 500, we believe meets pretty much all of the current needs of pipe handling contractors across the globe and we are looking to expand our international markets over the coming years.”

Pipe Trailers Ltd is actively seeking to appoint overseas distributors. Interested applicants are invited to contact Pipe Trailers Ltd by email or telephone.

This article was provided by Pipe Trailers Ltd., Norton St Philip, United Kingdom.
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