New Envirosight White Paper Examines Side-Scan Sewer Inspection

Envirosight Side Scan WhiteEnvirosight has released a new white paper about side-scanning, an innovative and increasingly popular sewer inspection technique. With municipal budgets shrinking, efficiency has become a top priority for sewer inspection professionals. Side-scanning automates the capture of high-resolution visual data from inside pipes to reduce both time spent inspecting and time spent analyzing footage.


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Operators need only pilot the crawler through the pipe to create a detailed side-scan. Likewise, engineers and superintendents can quickly review a scan to pinpoint problem areas instead of viewing lengthy CCTV inspection video footage.

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“We strive to provide municipalities and other sewer inspection professionals with resources to make them more effective,” says Jim Adams, Director of Product Management for Envirosight. “This paper’s explanation of side-scanning will help municipalities understand how they can collect and analyze sewer data faster and more thoroughly.”

In addition to detailing the benefits of side-scanning technology, the white paper also lists important options to consider when choosing a side-scanning system, providing decision-makers with a must-have guide to implementing side-scanning.

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This paper was published as part of Envirosight’s commitment to providing resources that benefit the water and wastewater industry. Download the paper here.

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SOURCE – Envirosight LLC