EnviroSight Quickview airHD+

Quickview airHD+

Next-gen design boasts enhanced Wi-Fi range, cloud connectivity and distance measurement


Zoom assessment cameras help determine sewer condition. The first zoom assessment camera, Quickview, revolutionized the sewer inspection industry by providing rapid, affordable visual assessment capabilities in sewer lines, stormwater lines, catch basins and manholes.

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The new Quickview airHD+ makes assessment even easier and more detailed. It has all the features of its predecessor: wireless tablet-based control, HD video, remote height and tilt adjustment, and hands-free operation.

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In addition, it offers:

●     Enhanced WiFi: Dual-band (2.5/5.0 GHZ) communication delivers improved bandwidth and stability.

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●     Cloud Connectivity: Quickview software now uploads your inspection images and video directly to the cloud.

●     Measurement Tools: Measure the exact distance to observations using a laser rangefinder accessory, or measure the approximate distance using focus-based measurement.

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As important as equipment capability is, even more important is how that equipment contributes to solving problems. The Phased Assessment Strategy for Sewers (PASS) gives municipalities a template for cleaning, inspecting and repairing sewers more efficiently, and it starts with a zoom assessment using a camera like the Quickview airHD+.

Whereas many municipalities rely solely on CCTV crawler inspection, PASS advocates first screening lines with a zoom assessment, as only 25 percent actually warrant the expense and time CCTV inspection requires.

On average, PASS can cut costs 34 percent and boost productivity 17 percent. To learn more about PASS, download the “Phased Assessment Strategy for Sewers” white paper.

To request a demo of the new Quickview airHD+, visit the Envirosight website at envirosight.com.

SOURCE: Envirosight LLC