CUIRE Organizes August Auger Boring School

The Center for Underground Infrastructure Research and Education (CUIRE) andMichigan State University are hosting a 24-hour School for Auger Boring and PipeJacking on Aug. 21-23 at Holiday Inn Express in Joliet, Ill, with a fieldsession to take place at the Chicagoland Speedway.

During this advanced course, participants will learn how to get more use froma standard boring machine and newly tested techniques will be taught by industryexperts. In addition to classroom lectures, practical sessions will offerparticipants hands-on experience with the auger boring equipment.

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This course has been designed for contractors, project superintendents,foremen, crewmembers and estimators, but public officials, engineers, educators,state highway department representatives, regulatory agency representatives,public utility employees and others who are involved with the installation ofunderground utilities will benefit.

For more information, contact Dr. Mohammad Najafi at ph: (517) 432-4937 ore-mail him at

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