CES Celebrates 25 Years

Compliance EnviroSystems Celebrates 25 Years

Jan. 17 marked the 25th anniversary for Baton Rouge-based Compliance EnviroSystems LLC (CES), one of the nation’s first sewer system evaluation survey (SSES) companies.

In 1995, following an influx of federal grant money designated for small-town underground system assessments, CES was founded to provide much-needed sanitary sewer system evaluation surveys in Louisiana. Today, consent decrees continue to drive much of CES’s work, allowing for local growth and expansion across the Southeast United States.

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CES 25 Years Leader

From left, Compliance EnviroSystems Vice President of Business Development, David Guillory, Brad Dutruch, President, and Joshua Hardy, Vice President of Engineering.

Notably, in the early 2000s, CES was selected to evaluate all of South-Atlanta’s sewer systems; and 15 years following the devastation of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the company continues to play a key role in the clean-up of New Orleans’ storm drains and sanitary sewer infrastructure.

CES has grown at a strong and steady pace, with services now including SSES, disaster recovery, cross bore locating, and large diameter sewer and storm drain cleaning. What sets CES apart is the ability to utilize off-road and specialty equipment to access hard-to-reach areas.

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“This growth did not happen overnight. I learned early on that to strategically expand a business, you need to make sure you never outgrow the people you hire to manage the work,” says Brad Dutruch, CES president. “Integrity in the work we do means we need the best people and the necessary equipment to get every job done right. We hire strong people and provide opportunities for them to reach their personal goals while bringing the vision of CES to reality.”

CES employs more than 160 employees and is recognized by the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report as one of the Top 100 private companies in Baton Rouge.

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SOURCE – Compliance EnviroSystems (CES)

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